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Ananda Soul Launches New Rings Celebrating Light and Darkness Together

Ananda Soul adds two new rings to its Of Shadows and Light collection, whose designs celebrate the relationship between light and darkness in our lives.

BALI, INDONESIA, May 22, 2023/ -- Over the course of the last decade, Ananda Soul jewelry has brought joy and blessings to thousands of people who have connected with their designs. The company is driven by a desire to give back to the community and planet and an intention to empower women and spread the message of radical inclusivity. Recently Ananda Soul added two new designs to its Of Shadows and Light collection – the From Darkness To Light Rings. One comes with a beautiful, bright Moonstone, the other with an iridescent, luminous Labradorite
The two new designs celebrate the paradox but also the symbiosis of light and dark. Light does not exist without darkness; darkness can only be perceived as such when light contrasts. The two rings with their different gemstones represent both sides, the darkness and the light, but also our ability to shift from one to the other acknowledging our human messiness and our capacity to shift and move and adjust in between these two spaces.

Both rings feature a hammered band engraved with the name of the design – From Darkness to Light – and decorated with stars and the phases of the moon as encouragement that while all is ever-evolving and ever-changing we have the ability and capacity to go with the same flow. Wearing both rings together maximizes the energies of these rings that are complementary to one another.

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About Ananda Soul Creations
Over the course of the last decade, Ananda Soul jewelry has brought delight to thousands of people who want sustainably sourced and specially made creations. From team members to shoppers, Ananda Soul seeks to establish a sense of family with those who connect with them.

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