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ADF Solutions Breaks New Ground with Revolutionary iOS Screen Recording Feature

Record iOS Evidence: Announcing Version 5.7 Features

ADF Solutions Breaks New Ground with Revolutionary iOS Screen Recording Feature

ADF Solutions, a leader provider of digital forensics software, has released iOS screen recording for all iOS devices in their version 5.7 software release.

RESTON, VA, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2023/ -- ADF software is deployed in field and lab investigations of smartphones, computers, and storage devices and is used by digital first responders to quickly collect, identify, and report on digital evidence - thereby reducing or eliminating forensic backlogs that many agencies and forensic labs face today.

"After introducing the ability to create screen recordings of Android devices and seeing how successful this feature was, we worked quickly to offer the same capability on iOS devices," said Raphael Bousquet, CTO, of ADF Solutions. "Screen recordings of connected mobile devices make it possible to collect information from mobile devices in a forensically sound manner when other methods may not be available. With this release our users have the ability to run an advanced logical acquisition, take screenshots, and make screen recordings of mobile devices, giving them more ways to uncover potential evidence, and ultimately make more informed decisions based on that evidence."

The latest release from ADF Solutions offers several new features that streamline digital forensic investigations:

-The Screen Recording feature now enables investigators to record videos of iOS screens in addition to Android devices for a more comprehensive approach to digital forensics.

-Deploy user-created Captures. When not using Search Profiles on your Collection Keys, investigators can now bring their custom Captures with them as well.

-The new Capture screen improves the ease of use and efficiency of the scan setup process. There is now no need to edit a Search Profile to access your Captures. A new menu entry is now available to access them.

-A new simplified data container for storing Mac logical images in a zip format and improved imaging log files so investigators can scan their images with the ADF tools or another tool of their choice.

-Highlighted encrypted files in the viewer. The scan summary section now highlights when encrypted files have been encountered during a scan and offers a hyperlink to quickly navigate to them.

-Redact previews when exporting a report to protect sensitive information with one-click sanitization.

-Initialize Authentication Keys with license tokens. When working with the token server, it is now possible to borrow an offline license token for on-scene use of the ADF applications. This allows the use of multiple collection keys in the field.

“This update continues our mission of helping investigators quickly and easily scan mobile devices to get digital evidence and expedite cases," said Seth Land, VP of Sales for ADF Solutions. "ADF forensic tools are now easier to use and deploy for small and large law enforcement agencies alike."


Starting at $2,999 for ADF’s mobile forensic kit, and $5,099 for ADF’s all-in-one forensic kit (computers and mobile devices), forensic investigators and examiners can subscribe for one year or three years with support and maintenance of ADF digital forensic software. ADFs Certified Digital Forensic and Triage Training costs start at $695.

The software is now available for purchase and qualified professionals can request a free trial of ADF forensic software at

About ADF Solutions:

ADF Solutions is a leading provider of digital forensics and forensic triage software. ADF offers various services and products, including certified digital forensics training and digital forensic software. ADF’s team of talented digital forensics professionals have experience working on various cases, including human trafficking, child exploitation, cybercrime, border security, and criminal investigations. For more information, visit

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ADF Solutions Releases Revolutionary iOS Screen Recording Feature