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BHAKTA Spirits Releases New, Deeply-Aged Armagnac Expression

The logo of BHAKTA Spirit, the world's preeminent House of Vintages

The world's preeminent House of Vintages

BHAKTA 50 Barrel 24: "Gandhi"

BHAKTA 50 Barrel 24: “Gandhi,” Conceived with Spirits Collectors in Mind, Features Ancient Armagnac Vintages Honoring Indian Visionary

With this bottle, we toast the trailblazers who defy injustice, show a better path forward for humanity, and stand up for the fundamental rights of their people”
— Leo Gibson, BHAKTA Spirits Co-Founder
POULTNEY, VERMONT, USA, May 16, 2023/ -- BHAKTA Spirits, the world’s preeminent House of Vintages, announced today the limited release of its next BHAKTA 50 (1868–1970), Barrel 24: “Gandhi” ($450). This novel new expression of the oldest spirits on Earth will be distributed nationally in limited supplies. Only 100 bottles will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis through the brand’s e-commerce partner.

Each barrel of BHAKTA 50 is named for an iconic historical character whose deeds echo through time. This 24th barrel honors Mahatma Gandhi, whom we remember for his intelligence, commitment to nonviolence, and unique ability to inspire a largely fragmented country.

This uncompromising and collector-worthy barrel contains a blend of eight exquisite Armagnac vintages — 1868, 1888, 1924, 1931, 1960, 1963, 1967, 1970 — which correspond to the life story and achievements of one of India’s, and the world’s, most beloved visionaries. Of particular note in this blend is the extremely scarce 1931 Armagnac vintage, which marked the signing of The Gandhi-Irwin Pact that began negotiations with Britain to ensure India’s independence.

“BHAKTA 50 Barrel 24: 'Gandhi' highlights the heroism of icon Mahatma Gandhi through its blend of astoundingly old Armagnac vintages,” said Co-Founder Leo Gibson. “The 1868 vintage found in each bottle was harvested just one year before Gandhi was born. An Indian innovator of Gujarati descent — just like our Founder, Raj Peter Bhakta — Gandhi was studying law in London when the 1888 vintage was harvested; the 1924 vintage saw him released from prison in India for his so-called ‘political crimes,’ and then promptly elected the 43rd President of the Indian National Congress. With this bottle, we toast the trailblazers who defy injustice, show a better path forward for humanity, and stand up for the fundamental rights of their people.”

Fifty years at its youngest — and more than one hundred fifty at its oldest — BHAKTA 50 carries a jaw-dropping age statement nearly unimaginable in a market which considers a whiskey “old and rare” at the adolescent age of twelve or thirteen. Only 38 barrels of BHAKTA 50 will ever be produced.

BHAKTA Spirits also offers its entire BHAKTA 50 Collection, which includes two bottles from each of the expression’s 38 barrels, for $30,000 through its exclusive and elite Stockholder Program. Through this limited e-commerce release, however, enthusiasts have the opportunity to obtain a piece of this historic collection for only $450. Rare, limited release spirits like BHAKTA 50 Barrel 24: “Gandhi” are known to dramatically appreciate in value; bottles of WhistlePig “Boss Hog” series, also conceived by BHAKTA Founder Raj Peter Bhakta, now sell for thousands of dollars — an increase in value of thousands of a percent in a period of just ten years.

An industry innovator at the vanguard of the Vintage Spirits movement, BHAKTA’s portfolio is anchored by its flagship BHAKTA 50 (SRP $450). Its current offerings also include BHAKTA Vintage Armagnac (SRP $154–$22,000), BHAKTA 27-07 Brandy (SRP $80), and BHAKTA 2013 Bourbon (SRP $149)

In the coming months, BHAKTA Spirits will continue releasing BHAKTA Vintages across all major spirits categories.

For more information about BHAKTA Spirits, BHAKTA 50 “Gandhi,” or its upcoming Vintage Spirits releases, please contact Andrew Lohse at

About BHAKTA 50 Barrel 24: “Gandhi”

Tasting Notes
—Aspect: Deep amber orange
—Nose: White cherry blossoms, orange, and stewed prunes
—Palate: Cigar boxes, dark chocolate, leather armchairs, and toasted nuts
—Finish: Intense, definitive finish

Product Specs
—Spirit: Armagnac Brandy
—Vintages: 1868, 1888, 1924, 1931, 1960, 1963, 1967, 1970
—Proof: 97.0 / ABV: 48.5%
—Finish: Islay
—Bottled: Condom, France
—No. of Bottles: 591

About BHAKTA Spirits
BHAKTA Spirits ( is the world’s preeminent House of Vintages. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Raj Peter Bhakta — also the founder of WhistlePig Whiskey — BHAKTA offers a luxury craft spirits portfolio of limited release Single Vintage whiskeys, brandies, rums, and more, anchored by its ancient and awe-inspiring Armagnac holdings dating back to 1868. An innovator in the experiential hospitality space with a mission to help guests “Find Their Spirit,” BHAKTA’s unique destinations include historic properties in France, Vermont, and Florida. BHAKTA Spirits is headquartered on its BHAKTA-Griswold Campus in Poultney, VT, the former site of Green Mountain College.

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