Pain Care Labs earns patent protection for “system, method and apparatus for pain control and healing”, VibraCool® Pro

Image of VibraCool Pro logo over image of device worn with brace

VibraCool Pro

Image of Buzzy Pro and VibraCool Pro with Patent Certificate

Buzzy Pro and VibraCool Pro with Patent Certificate

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VibraCool PRO Healthcare for Lower Extremity

The innovative combination of vibration and thermal therapy delivery for bracing - VibraCool Pro - issued utility and design patents

Finding the VibraCool Pro has been life-changing . . . . Combining it with compression sleeves and more rigid bracing has been a game changer to improve my life without drugs.”
— Teddy Hodges, prototype tester

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, May 16, 2023/ -- Pain Care Labs, the industry leader in vibrating pain relief devices since 2006, has been granted a US and China utility patent and design patent for its “system, method and apparatus for pain control and healing” product, VibraCool® Pro. The device combines vibration and thermal therapy in a unique shape to provide targeted pain relief for patients with myofascial trigger points and fascial tightness. It is designed to fit most braces for physical therapy or post-surgical musculoskeletal pain.

"We are thrilled to have received these patents for VibraCool Pro," said Amy Baxter, MD, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Pain Care Labs. "Therapists have been asking for a pacemaker-safe modality. Patients have wanted a way to use our technology with and under braces. Having new patents and an improved design for clinical use is a significant milestone for our company, bridging bracing with pain-relieving wearables."

VibraCool Pro uses a unique combination of vibration and hot or cold therapy to deliver fast and effective pain relief. The device features a cleanable surface contoured for hand-held use as a modality for myofascial trigger points, or attaching with a strap to conform to multiple body surfaces or existing braces. It is ideal for patients with myofascial pain, trigger points, and other sources of pain.

"I have experienced 13 knee surgeries. Finding the VibraCool Pro has been life-changing," said initial prototype tester Teddy Hodges. "It provides effective pain relief while being portable and discreet. Combining it with compression sleeves and more rigid bracing has been a game changer to improve my life without drugs. Highly recommend."

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Pain Care Labs is the industry leader in non-invasive pain relief solutions. Buzzy® has been used to block the pain from over 45 million needle procedures. VibraCool® is an FDA-cleared device to treat myofascial pain caused by trigger points, restricted motion, and muscle tension. Established in 2006 by emergency physician and pain researcher Amy Baxter MD, the Company is dedicated to effective, reusable, affordable solutions to pain. The Company's award-winning solutions are based on a patented M-Stim® neuromodulation platform to give serious, simple relief, supported by over 80 independent clinical trials. Pain Care Labs was named "Industry Leader for Localized Pain Relief" by Frost & Sullivan, the most prestigious medical device consulting firm. For more information visit

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