Scott Maskin was honored with Titan Business Awards among other nominees.

Long Island's Scott Maskin was among the notable winners of this year's Titan Awards

SUNation CEO Scott Maskin honored with 2 Titan Business Awards for 2023

SUNation CEO Scott Maskin honored with 2 Titan Business Awards for 2023

Scott Maskin’s work with SUNation earned him the Platinum TITAN award for Transformation Leader of the Year and the Gold TITAN award for Visionary of the Year.

RONKONKOMA, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2023/ -- The TITAN Business Awards concluded its first season of competition for 2023 and honored Long Island’s Scott Maskin of SUNation Energy with awards in two categories, both of which were new to the Titan Awards this year.

The awards had received over 1,100 nominated entries from up to 56 countries, such as the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Philippines, Germany, India, Ireland, Cyprus, and South Africa.

Alongside numerous other remarkable submissions, Scott Maskin’s nomination stood out as a top contender and earned him both a Platinum TITAN Award for Transformation Leader of the Year 2023 and a Gold TITAN Award for Visionary of the Year 2023 for his work with SUNation Energy, now a Pineapple Energy company. His commitment to helping communities learn about solar energy and the benefits of powering their homes with clean, renewable resources has played a major role in advancing the growing solar company with over 8,000 solar installations completed since 2003.

“The strength of all great leaders comes from the teams they lead. I’m blessed to work alongside them, stand in front of them to take the heat, and behind them to push them forward. My work family drives me,” said Scott Maskin on his Titan award honors.

From its beginnings in 2003 through navigating the pandemic with supply chain and inflation challenges to its merger with publicly-traded Pineapple Energy, SUNation has grown from a solar business to a renewable energy leader and resource, including services in roofing, energy storage, EV charging, and now SPAN smart electrical panels.

The TITAN Business Awards was formed with the sole mission of acknowledging the achievements of entrepreneurs and organizations worldwide. The competition aims to provide recognition to those overshadowed by industry giants, and the giants themselves. With a level playing field, only those who qualify will be deemed TITANs.

Hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), the competition accepts entries from entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large organizations. Whether these parties are private or public, for-profit or non-profit does not affect their chances at winning, so the opportunity extends itself equally to various industries in the market.

“We wish to congratulate the winners and commend them for the stellar works they had submitted,” Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA, remarked. “We are proud to be a platform for entrepreneurs and businesses to showcase their works and to honor their excellence in business with recognition.”

The Jury & Evaluation Process As the competition is focused on rewarding excellence, it gives weightage to impartiality and diversity in perspective in the judging process. To satisfy that aspect, a myriad of reputable professionals were brought onto the jury panel. These jurors are under the employment of prestigious organizations, such as Xavier Moreano Calero (Netlife), Surabhi Shastri (Instagram / Meta), Vladimer Botsvadze (RETHINK Retail), Oliver Dietrich (Mission Mittelstand), and Sudha Ranganathan (LinkedIn).

As for impartiality, the competition upheld the blind judging method. Jurors were only allowed to assess each entry in its own vacuum, so they could only win entirely on their own merits and without being compared to other entries. Further, standards based on contemporary industry practices served as benchmarks in assessments.

Maskin’s winning entries can be found showcased here .

"The TITAN Business Awards is created to spotlight those who drive their organizations toward greatness, whether they be leaders or the teams supporting the visionaries," Thomas remarked. "No matter what the organization is, it is undeniable through their fruits that they do exhibit qualities worth mimicking by the corporate world. Truly, these people help drive industries forward."


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SUNation Energy, a Pineapple Energy company, is the solar and energy expert trusted by over 8,000 homeowners since 2003 for professionally installing the highest quality equipment with an exceptional customer experience. Located in Ronkonkoma, NY, SUNation Energy offers the complete in-house sustainable energy experience including residential and commercial solar installation, community solar, roofing, backup battery storage, EV charging, and more. Their not-for-profit corporation, SUNation Cares, also provides the gift of free electricity for life to Veterans and their families.

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