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Lider Releases Their Motion Sensor Switch

Image of two Lider white motion sensor switches with wall plates.

The motion sensor switch features a sleek, modern design.

Image of the Lider motion sensor switch and the setting buttons under the facing.

Personalize the motion sensor switch with user-friendly and adjustable settings.

Image of the Lider motion sensor switch in the dark, with the LED locator light lit.

The motion sensor switch is equipped with a LED locator light.

The Lider motion sensor switch is a state-of-the-art device and the perfect addition to automated smart homes.

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 12, 2023/ -- LIDER is proud to introduce the release of their newest product: the motion sensor switch. The switch is designed to provide automatic lighting assistance and is highly customizable and versatile.

This sensor features Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor technology which detects motion with a 180° field of view and 1,200 square feet of area coverage. PIR technology is a leading innovation in the lighting and control field; it reduces false triggers from unwanted movements and has adjustable sensor ranges.

The user-friendly programming controls are beneath the removable manual button. It includes a sensor range dial and a time delay dial that allows users to specify a motion sensor distance and delay time for the lights to shut off automatically. The sensor provides two modes to choose from: Occupancy and Vacancy mode. In Occupancy Mode, lights are automatically turned ON when a room is entered and automatically turned OFF when the room is vacant. Alternatively, Vacancy Mode requires the light switch to be turned ON manually, but it will shut OFF after the room is vacant for a preselected amount of time.

Lider’s state-of-the-art motion sensor is applicable in all types of scenarios. It’s ideal for rooms users enter with their hands full, such as a residential entryway, walk-in closet, laundry room, garage, kitchen, or pantry. This sensor is a fantastic supplement for automated smart homes, further providing an accessibility solution for people with disabilities or users who may have trouble reaching the switch themselves. It is also perfect for seniors and helpful in preventing falls by ensuring the way is lit when a room is entered. The sensor switch also helps conserve energy by ensuring the light is never left on by mistake.

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