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OVERTON & ASSOCIATES Named Agency of Record For National Campaign Against Hospital Murders

OVERTON & ASSOCIATES is a strategic communications agency based in Manhattan

Grace Schara's death in a Wisconsin hospital has become a major national news story which has ignited a movement for reform, accountability, and justice

David vs. Goliath Movement Catalyzed by the Death of Grace Schara Advances Toward Landmark Legal Case in Wisconsin as Public Outcry Grows

This campaign is a matter of life and death. 500 patients are euthanized by the American hospital system every day—that’s nearly 200,000 preventable deaths every year.”
— Andrew Lohse, Founder of OVERTON & ASSOCIATES
NEW YORK, USA, May 9, 2023/ -- OVERTON & ASSOCIATES, a strategic communications firm with offices in Manhattan and Chicago, announced today that it has been named agency of record by Our Amazing Grace’s Light Shines On, Inc., a 501(c)(3) co-founded by nationally-recognized patients’ rights advocate and prolific media commentator Scott Schara.

Scott Schara is the father of Grace Schara, a 19-year-old with Down syndrome whose death in a Wisconsin hospital has become a major national news story which has ignited a movement for reform, accountability, and justice on behalf of the victims of America’s increasingly broken and deadly hospital system.

OVERTON & ASSOCIATES will lead a national communications campaign aiming to educate the American public on one of the most urgent issues facing our society today: a startling and widespread practice of euthanasia targeting vulnerable patients.

“This campaign is a matter of life and death,” said OVERTON Founder Andrew Lohse. “500 patients are euthanized by the American hospital system every day—that’s nearly 200,000 preventable deaths every year, largely driven by a healthcare system focused on an unethical rationing of care which amounts to an agenda of eugenics in all but name.”

“Grace Schara was a beautiful and kind young woman beloved by her family, friends, community, and church,” Lohse added. “She lived in Freedom, WI; she loved Elvis, her family, and God. Her story is a deeply American one that has catalyzed an awe-inspiring movement to inform the public about the dangerous and morally repugnant practices occurring in the very hospitals with which we entrust our lives. OVERTON is humbled to play a role in the next chapter of this story—a David vs. Goliath struggle of everyday Americans standing up to the nation’s most powerful and unscrupulous interests.”

Central to Our Amazing Grace’s national movement is a landmark lawsuit filed in Wisconsin Circuit Court (Case Number 2023CV000345) by the charitable organization’s co-founder, Scott Schara.

Grace Schara died at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Appleton, WI, after medical staff administered a lethal combination of drugs well-known to hasten severe hypoxia. As Grace’s family begged the staff for help over FaceTime, nurses refused to perform CPR and Grace’s physician unilaterally designated her as a “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNR) patient. The DNR order was written without the family’s consent and in defiance of their wishes that all lifesaving measures be deployed for their daughter. Because of the lethal cocktail of drugs and the fraudulent DNR order, Grace died on October 13, 2021.

Her death certificate attributed her immediate cause of death as “Acute respiratory failure with hypoxemia due to or as a consequence of COVID-19 pneumonia.” However, at the time of her death, Grace neither had, nor tested positive for—and therefore did not die from—COVID-19.

Since 2020, countless government agencies, media organizations, and independent watchdog studies have exposed a scheme in which American medical providers received taxpayer-funded cash payments, often in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece, for mislabeling deaths as from COVID-19.

“While I believe the evidence demonstrates my daughter Grace was murdered by Ascension Health, her death has already saved countless lives as America wakes up to the horror of the ‘medical murder’ agenda,” said Our Amazing Grace co-founder Scott Schara. “This evil practice in which hospitals receive gargantuan sums of cash for breaking their oath has been hidden from the American people for far too long. Through this campaign, we will use incontrovertible evidence, whistleblower information, and the power of the truth in both the court of law and the court of public opinion to wake up America—and save lives.”

Schara is represented by a legal team supported by Warner Mendenhall and his team from the Ohio-based Mendenhall Law Group, a mission-oriented practice anchored by a passion for empowering ordinary people to stand up to government abuses, corporate fraud, and bank malfeasance. Mendenhall is a nationally-admired litigator.

The landmark lawsuit was filed in Wisconsin on April 11th, 2023, naming as defendants Ascension Health, five medical doctors, four John Doe medical providers, two registered nurses, and the WI Injured Patients and Family Compensation Fund. All parties were served on April 25th, 2023. Per Wisconsin State Statute 802.06(1)(a), defendants have twenty calendar days to respond and countersue. Grace’s family, the entire legal team, and OVERTON await their responses on May 15th.

Ascension Health System is the largest “Catholic” health system in America. It pays $0 in taxes. It pays its CEO $13 million in annual compensation.

Between 2020 and 2021, Ascension’s overall revenue increased by a modest 8%—while its profit grew by an astounding 375%. In the same period, Ascension’s cash holdings curiously surged by 53%, from $17 billion to $26 billion. It appears that this $9 billion windfall was the result of CARES Act “bonus payments” and “COVID death payments.”

Grace Schara’s death fits a national pattern of eerily similar malfeasance committed by the unholy trinity of unaccountable medical conglomerates, unscientific government coercion, and unending taxpayer money. This predatory pattern of behavior plainly targets, and continues to target, our most vulnerable Americans: the elderly and disabled.

As Our Amazing Grace’s national campaign unfolds—and further facts of the case are revealed to the public, perhaps even including shocking new information provided by high-level whistleblowers—OVERTON will ask the media and American people to consider one critical question: what must be done to reform a deadly medical system that puts profits over people?

For more information about Our Amazing Grace, the national issue of hospital murders, and Scott Schara’s media availability, please contact Andrew Lohse at

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