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Tronix3D Unveils New 3D Printer, Roboze ARGO 500, Capable of High Speed and Quality

Roboze ARGO 500

Prototype to Low Volume Production Runs

Industrial 3D Printing Services

With its advanced capabilities, the ARGO 500 is sure to revolutionize the industry and help businesses achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.

This device is a game-changer for additive manufacturing, allowing us to push the limits of our technology and materials.”
— Mike Vindler, Owner & CEO of Tronix3D

PITTSBURGH, PA, UNITED STATES, May 4, 2023/ -- As a leader in additive manufacturing, Tronix3D has unveiled the newest addition to its Pittsburgh offices with the Roboze ARGO 500 3D Printer. With its advanced capabilities, The Roboze ARGO 500 is sure to revolutionize the industry and help businesses and individuals achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. By consistently delivering top-quality 3D-printed parts to its clients, Tronix3D remains committed to paving the way for a fresh industrial outlook that prioritizes outstanding performance and the sustainable use of raw materials.

The ARGO 500 has been designed to produce manufactured parts using the highest-performing super polymers and composites in the entire sector, including PEEK, PEKK, carbon-filled PEEK, ULTEM, and carbon-filled Nylon. Its ability to print in higher-temperature and fire-resistant plastics makes it ideal for industries such as aerospace, medical, and automotive, where optimal-performance parts are required. These revolutionary printing processes are also enabling businesses to streamline their production by substituting metals for polymers, therefore saving time and costs. The ARGO 500 enhances this efficiency by eliminating the need for manual operations and operator expertise with automated process variables, including material pre-heating, drying, and calibration settings. Furthermore, its remote management feature includes automatic software updates to continuously enhance the ARGO 500's capabilities. Upon the completion of each print cycle, the system generates and stores an internal data log of the information and parameters used in the production process for complete traceability of the manufacturing process. This revolutionary machine is also capable of printing in multiple materials simultaneously, allowing Tronix3D to produce complex parts in engineering-grade thermoplastics.

"We are thrilled to introduce the Roboze ARGO 500 to our customers," states Mike Vindler, Owner & CEO of Tronix3D. "This device is a game-changer for additive manufacturing, allowing us to push the limits of our technology and materials. Tronix3D’s clients will certainly benefit from the high-quality parts produced by the ARGO 500, and the new materials we will offer will open up new opportunities to create end-use parts in the industrial and aerospace markets." Mike Vindler, who brings years of experience from Fortune 500 firms, spearheads Tronix3D with the goal of positioning the company as a pioneering force in additive manufacturing.

Tronix3D is a contract-based additive manufacturing company operating in the Pittsburgh area that specializes in producing low-volume prototype parts in as little as 24 hours as well as high-quality manufactured designs. They assist customers with any step of the design process from the idea’s conception to its final production, offering 3D printing consulting and design services. With clients in the robotics, energy, medical, and defense industries, Tronix3D has been involved with various innovative projects and technologies. To learn more about Tronix3D or receive an instant quote on your custom project, visit their website.

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