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Tom Simon

Tom Simon

Now agents can stay connected to customers between transactions.

This is one more step toward our goal of reinventing our agents’ experience and giving them more opportunity to succeed.”
— Tom Simon, CEO of Exceleras

GLENCOE, IL, USA, May 3, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Exceleras, a provider of software solutions that drive the right actions at the right time to accelerate property disposition, has formed a strategic partnership with Bluebook International, Inc., (Bluebook), a leading provider of repair cost estimating data and software to the real estate and contractor industries. The partnership will make the company’s Bluehammer home improvement estimator available to REO agents that are part of the Exceleras Network, allowing them to remain in contact with their past clients by giving them insights and tools they can use to manage their properties.

“This is one more step toward our goal of reinventing our agents’ experience and giving them more opportunity to succeed,” said Tom Simon, Exceleras’ Chief Executive Officer. “I’m very excited to be adding Bluehammer to ALEX, our new Agent Listing EXperience platform that is specifically designed for real estate agents to help them grow their business and optimize their process for buying and selling properties.”

Through the new partnership, every REO agent who invests in a premium Exceleras subscription will have access to a special co-branded Bluehammer client portal that the agent can make available to their customers and prospects. In addition to home improvement estimates, the portal offers home inventory tools, home reports, online access to the agent’s preferred vendor network and relevant property and market articles.

“Bluebook is proud to partner with Exceleras to put our powerful tools into the hands of more real estate sales professionals,” said Robert Syverson, CEO. “With our new, co-branded client portal, real estate agents will have something they have not had before, a perfect reason to stay in touch with their past customers, which will win them more repeat and referral business. It also adds real value to the agent’s customers, which will set them apart in the marketplace.”

“I believe too many in our industry take agents for granted. At Exceleras, we know great agents equal great results. Our goal is to make every client’s experience so compelling they won’t want to go anywhere else,” Simon said. “And we do that by connecting Asset Managers on our platform with a network of REO Agents that is the best in the business. We’ve developed a ‘roadmap of value’ for our agents to continue to bring them new features and opportunities to grow revenues and save time. Our partnership with Bluebook is just the first step in this journey.”

About Bluebook
Bluebook International, Inc. provides accurate, "on demand" residential replacement cost, repair costs, rental data, depreciation, risk analytic solutions and other essential property value information reports for nearly 91% of the nation's single-family residences. Bluebook's proven best execution solutions provide critical valuation, underwriting and cost data that reduce average loan loss severities, address property repair and rehabilitation needs, provide proven analytic approaches to determine the appropriate disposition strategy for individual properties, whether sale “as is”, “as repaired”, rental or in certain instances, demolition. Bluebook’s array of standards and solutions deliver, audit and validate input at the point of entry thus mitigating risks, reducing cycle time and enhancing productivity for the residential real estate markets, property and casualty insurance industry and the banking, lending and servicing markets. Bluebook's information and services are utilized by leading insurance, government, mortgage banking and many of the most respected providers in the residential real estate services industry.

About Exceleras
Mortgage Servicers and the REO Agents and Vendors who serve them need software solutions that drive the right actions at the right time to accelerate property disposition. Exceleras provides software that cost effectively adapts to their unique needs and seamlessly blends into their existing work environments, without requiring them to learn a new language or change their process. Exceleras provides complete workflow management tools for all phases of property management, from initial default through final disposition, including a national network of REO Agents, Appraisers, Attorneys and Asset Managers. Find out more at http://www.exceleras.com.

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