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IPXO Strengthens Its Presence in the Pacific Rim Through PTC Membership

The logos of an all-in-one Internet Protocol platform IPXO and the Pacific Telecommunications Council

IPXO joins the PTC

By joining PTC, IPXO will bolster its presence in the Pacific Rim and advance ethical ICT development in the region.

While IPXO has been highly active in the United States and Europe, we recognize the importance of expanding our business operations and increasing visibility in the Asia-Pacific region.”
— Vincentas Grinius, CEO of IPXO
LONDON, UK, May 1, 2023/ -- IPXO, a leading Internet Protocol platform, has recently become a member of the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC), a global non-profit organization committed to advancing the ethical development and use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the Pacific Rim.

By joining PTC, IPXO is well-positioned to strengthen its presence in the region, connect with industry leaders, and gain access to valuable market intelligence. Additionally, the company can contribute to PTC's vision and mission of making a difference in the Pacific Region.

“While IPXO has been highly active in the United States and Europe, serving customers with innovative IP management solutions, we recognize the importance of expanding our business operations and increasing visibility in the Asia-Pacific region,” says Vincentas Grinius, CEO of IPXO.


PTC is a non-profit organization that has been promoting the use of telecommunications and information and communication technologies (ICT) for over four decades. PTC focuses on initiatives that support the future of digital telecommunications, including empowering scholars, providing internet connectivity to remote areas, and training the next generation of telecom executives.

ICT plays a critical role in our daily lives, allowing individuals, organizations, and governments to create, process, store, and share information more efficiently. This has transformed economic, societal, and interpersonal transactions and interactions, revolutionizing the way people work, communicate, learn, and live.

With the increasing automation of tasks, first by computers and now robots, ICT has the potential to shape our future. In addition, ICT provides wider knowledge and facilitates the access and sharing of information, making it an essential tool in today's world.

PTC engages with a wide community of stakeholders to drive the development and deployment of ICT. Among over 350 member companies, there are such prominent organizations as China Telecom Global Limited, Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, Lumen, and the University of Southern California.

As a member of PTC, IPXO gains access to a network of industry experts, thought leaders, and potential business partners in 45+ countries. IPXO aims to leverage these opportunities to make informed business decisions and gain a competitive edge in the market.


PTC, renowned for providing valuable market intelligence reports, analysis, and research on the latest trends in the telecommunications industry, shares its expertise during the annual conference held in Honolulu, Hawaii.

This event attracts more than 1,800 senior executives from various industries, including leaders, experts, government representatives, and academics to discuss the latest developments and emerging trends in the telecommunications and ICT sectors.

“As a member of PTC, we can now showcase our services and solutions to a broader audience. Not only by participating in the annual conference but also by being a part of the PTC community, we hope to reach potential customers and partners who are interested in leasing, monetizing, and managing IP resources”, believes Grinius.

He also expressed enthusiasm for the PTC will not only enhance the company's visibility and exposure but also will help to establish new partnerships and collaborations that will drive growth and innovation.

To conclude with, IPXO's membership in PTC is a significant step towards strengthening its position in the Pacific Rim's dynamic geography and contributing to the ethical development and use of ICT in the region. This strategic move reflects the company's dedication to expanding its business operations and delivering outstanding services to customers worldwide.

IPXO is an all-in-one Internet Protocol platform designed to address global IPv4 exhaustion by enabling companies in over 75 industries to lease and monetize IPv4 resources. The company aims to create a more secure and sustainable Internet Protocol ecosystem and set a new standard for efficient IP management with business-grade solutions. For more information, visit

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