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Inventionland Education Named 2023 Top 10 STEM Solutions Provider

Top 10 Applied STEM curriculum from Inventionland Education

Top 10 STEM Solutions Provider Award from Education Technology Insights magazine

Inventionland Education Named a 2023 Top 10 STEM Solutions Provider

Education Technology Insights Magazine 2023 Top 10 STEM Edition

Invention Contest winners at Inventionland Education

Invention Contest Participants at Inventionland HQ in Pittsburgh

Inventionland Education's K12 Applied STEM curriculum receives international recognition as a Top 10 STEM Solutions Provider by Education Technology Insights.

The curriculum and its connection to STEAM is truly impressive. Students work with their peers and teachers in a cross-disciplinary approach. The science is there all day long.”
— Dr. Joshua Weaver, Asst. Superintendent, Grove City Middle School
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2023/ -- Inventionland Education was recognized for creating one of the world's most innovative curricula in applied STEM for the K12 market. During the class, students work in small groups to find a problem and create an invention to solve it.

It follows a real-world, proven 9-step method used at Inventionland, one of the world's largest invention factories.

The course puts students in charge of their education, opening up a new world of creativity, innovation, and inspiration rarely found in other classes. It also applies crucial STEAM concepts as students work to brainstorm, design, prototype, and present their inventions, culminating in an invention contest before a panel of experts to demonstrate their inventions. Winning teams also have the opportunity to compete in invention contests at Inventionland's corporate headquarters each May in Pittsburgh, PA.

Dr. Joshua Weaver, Assistant Superintendent of Grove City Middle School, states, "As far as the curriculum in this program and its connection to STEAM, it's truly impressive. In watching a student work with their peers and teachers in a cross-disciplinary approach in this building, the science is there all day long."

The course allows students to learn new skills that prepare them for college, careers, and real life. Along the way, students learn crucial soft skills like teamwork, critical thinking, problem-solving, adaptability, and communication.

The course works for students of all ages and levels, introducing students to STEAM careers and new skills that prepare them for college, careers, and real life.

In addition to learning the process of innovation, students get valuable exposure to various STEAM careers, such as engineering, structural package design, electronics, communications, and more.

In addition, the Inventionland Education curriculum allows students to engage with working professionals through its virtual mentoring program.

In the past year, two eighth-grade students from Grove City Middle School (Mia Mertz and Madison Mulato) saw their invention earn a license to bring their product to market after participating in their invention contest.

Likewise, a team of international Inventionland students from Jordan participated in the Youth Innovation Project and earned a licensing agreement for their developed product. It was co-sponsored by Amideast and the Jordan Ministry of Youth. Both sets of products will be available for purchase in 2023.

Mr. Larry Connelly, Principal of Grove City middle school, expands, "I have found over the last several years that it is probably the greatest program that we currently have in terms of student engagement, student enthusiasm, and student outcomes for so many skills they learn along the way."

According to Ms. Karen Garland, who co-teaches the Inventionland course at Grove City middle school in Pennsylvania along with Mr. Ben English, "There's excitement from parents. Parents hear about these inventions. And when something gets home to the parent, and when parents say 'my child is talking about school at home,?' that's a home run, especially in middle school."

About Inventionland Education:
Inventionland Education brings its award-winning applied STEM innovation curriculum to K12 schools in America and overseas. They also design immersive, age-appropriate Innovation Labs® and maker spaces that inspire creativity and original thought, as well as a complete line of STEM and maker space professional development, delivered in-person or virtually.

Inventionland Education is a member of the leadership council of the STEM Education Coalition, along with other blue chip companies. Inventionland also joined the STEMM Opportunity Alliance, a new national initiative to provide equitable access to STEMM education to transform the STEMM ecosystem. For more information, please visit

About Education Technology Insights Magazine:
Education Technology Insights is bringing forth a complete picture of how educators are using different classroom technologies like smart boards, tablet computers, smartphones, projectors, digital videos, and games, enabling students to understand concepts better. Education Technology Insights presents to the professionals in the education industry a robust and innovative outlook of how technology adoption and classroom learning can make a difference. For more information, visit

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Inventionland Education Applied STEM Innovation Course at Grove City Middle School