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Popular Gluten-Free Brand Dr. Schär Expands Allergen Efforts

Some of Dr. Schär's products that are Certified Free From™ major allergens

Dr. Schär's Swedesboro, NJ Location that was Certified Free From™ allergens by MenuTrinfo®

MenuTrinfo's Accredited Certified Free From™ Seal

Legacy Gluten-Free Brand Dr. Schär Adds MenuTrinfo’s Certified Free From™ Soy Certification

Many companies claim they are free from allergens, but Dr. Schär goes the extra mile to achieve the certification and show their passion. It is an honor to have our CFF seal on their great products.”
— Betsy Craig, CEO of MenuTrinfo

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2023/ -- Dr. Schär, a popular gluten-free baked goods manufacturer with a global reach, and one of the fastest-growing gluten-free brands in the United States, has recently expanded its allergen efforts by having its facility become Certified Free From™ Soy.

With a longstanding partnership in MenuTrinfo® through their Certified Free From™ certification, Dr. Schär’s Swedesboro, NJ plant is now free from eight of the nine major allergens besides Sesame. Director of Business Development Zach Livingston saw a growing and pressing need to become free from soy in their facilities and has been working with MenuTrinfo to address that need. Meghan Donnelly, Senior Manager of Nutrition Services, understood that merging the needs of those with Celiac disease and other allergens is a massive point of focus for the company.

“We have received a lot of feedback that soy continues to be a problem for those having to choose our products over some of our biggest competitors,” Donnelly added. “We are trying to get as many people to enjoy our products as possible.”

The team at Dr. Schär understands the importance of building trust in their consumer base and knows that these designations of being Certified Free From through allergen management are taken very seriously.

"We are one of the oldest gluten-free companies and want to establish that we are one of the more trusted brands," Donnelly said. "We hope that continuing to grow our trust in the community appeals to many people when choosing a product to consume."

The two companies are no strangers to each other, as the partnership between Dr. Schär and MenuTrinfo dates back nearly a dozen years. The rapport built over that time has helped MenuTrinfo strengthen its capabilities in this industry while instilling confidence and trust in the Dr. Schär brand and reputation.

“I’ve known [CEO of MenuTrinfo] Betsy Craig for 12 years, and seeing their company grow and become an advocate in the food allergy space help us all get behind their mission," Livingston said. "We've partnered on several projects and want to continue to grow that partnership."

Dr. Schar instills passion and stands behind the great taste of their products with top shelf manufacturing facilities, policies, procedures, testing, and aims to deliver confidence all the way to your table. MenuTrinfo CEO Betsy Craig understands their processes and the efforts they implement to be a leader of their industry.

“Many companies claim they are ‘free from’ allergens, but [Dr. Schär] goes the extra mile to achieve the certification and show their passion for people,” Craig said. “It is a true honor to have our CFF seal on their great products.”

The MenuTrinfo Certified Free From™ Seal will continue strengthening Dr. Schär’s claims of being an establishment free from eight of the nine major allergens. With icons such as the kosher, low FODMAP, and vegan logos being their counterparts, the MenuTrinfo seal similarly allows soft claims to become backed by an accreditation, bringing validity to products and delivering confidence in customers. Carl Borman, the company's Omnichannel Manager, knows how vital both of those are.

“One of the Schär points of emphasis is trust – engaging with our audience and making sure there is a trust built between the customer and us," Borman said. “There are certain icons on packaging and labels that are synonymous to specific allergens – and MenuTrinfo’s is a big one – and it is such a good quality to ensure trust.”

About Dr. Schär

For over 100 years, the Schär mission has been to improve the lives of people with special nutritional needs. Schär is committed to providing great tasting gluten-free food to the celiac, gluten sensitive and IBS communities—offering a safe, flavorful, and high-quality line of gluten-free products. The full portfolio of products spans from bread, cookies, candy, and crackers to frozen items, including puff pastry dough and croissants! The soy-free US facility further solidifies the commitment to trust among consumes with food allergies.

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