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MenuTrinfo® Appoints New Director of Client Relations

Headshot of Kelley Magowan, Director of Client Relations

Photo of University of Maryland's Dining Facility, which uses MenuTrinfo's Food Allergy Solutions

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MenuTrinfo Logo

MenuTrinfo® appoints new Director of Client Relations to develop business in the colleges and universities space for the company.

I see more people willing to adopt our solutions in the future. When people think of food allergy management and solutions, I want them to think of MenuTrinfo.”
— Kelley Magowan

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2023 / -- MenuTrinfo, the nation's leading food allergy solutions company, has named Kelley Magowan Director of Client Relations to help develop business in the colleges and universities space for the company. Despite economic uncertainty across several industries in the country, MenuTrinfo continues to grow and expand its team and efforts.

Magowan brings over 12 years of experience in dietetics and healthcare to the new role. Most recently, she was a Senior Specialist in Health and Wellness at Aramark, giving a unique perspective concerning MenuTrinfo and its positioning in the food allergy industry. This position provided a seamless transition to working with food allergies - a strong professional passion of hers.

"In my previous position, we developed many food allergy programs and management solutions for college and university students," Magowan said. "It has always been a part of what I do as a career responsibility and a personal passion of mine."

The new role will be headlined by client outreach and support, specifically at colleges and universities, while supporting sales efforts, attending conferences, and delivering presentations at industry events.

Aramark and MenuTrinfo are no strangers to one another. The two companies continue to explore business opportunities together, primarily through training at higher education institutions such as colleges and universities and throughout Aramark’s lines of business. Moving from a corporation with over 200,000 employees to a privately owned small business was also a draw in the transition.

"It is great to be a part of a company that is so innovative and important to this industry," Magowan said. "I saw a lot of potential for growth within the company and personally for myself as well."

Magowan's role features business development, as it pertains to higher education institutions, which is a point of passion for her. Through programs like AllerTrain, along with AllerCheck and Certified Free From, MenuTrinfo provides training opportunities and certifications for prestigious and well-known colleges and universities. Institutions such as Cornell, Yale, Vanderbilt, and Indiana University, allowing them to deliver confidence to their student body in the realm of food allergy awareness.

Student diners are self-reliant, many choosing when to eat, what to eat and where to eat for the first time in their lives. This age demographic has always appealed to Magowan because she knows how important these days are to most of them.

"Students are trying to manage their food allergies by themselves for the first time, so it's important for them to trust these establishments," Magowan said. "This will help them develop safe and healthy habits for the rest of their lives moving forward."

CEO of MenuTrinfo, Betsy Craig, saw a specific need for the company to reorganize sales efforts into sectors, paving the way for a position like this to be created. Having worked with Magowan during her time at Aramark, along with her knowledge and familiarity in the food allergy space, her passion shined through. There was a need to increase MenuTrinfo’s presence in business and industry, sports and entertainment, and all levels of non-commercial food service – in addition to the higher education sector.

“I knew I had to make her an offer she couldn’t refuse to join our team,” Craig said. “She is nothing short of awesome and has brought an additional dimension to MenuTrinfo with a fresh eye from an industry we are thrilled to be a part of.”

The future for this role is to position MenuTrinfo robustly in an industry that is growing in interest and implementation. Food service professionals everywhere understand these trends and are getting on board with training. With more facilities enlisting MenuTrinfo's training services, the hopes are to increase other certification processes like AllerCheck and Certified Free From. This area is where both Magowan and the company see potential growth opportunities.

"I want MenuTrinfo to be the go-to solution for all our clients, not just colleges and universities. I think one of our biggest sectors is training, with even more opportunities to expand those efforts," Magowan said. "I see more people willing to adopt our solutions in the future. When people think of food allergy management and solutions, I want them to think of MenuTrinfo."

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