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SC-8 Steel Abrasive: The Low Cost Ultimate Solution for Heavy-Duty Blast Cleaning

SC-8 Steel Abrasive

Pre blasted steel

Post blasted steel

PAINESVILLE, OHIO, USA, April 17, 2023/ -- SC-8 Steel Abrasive is the latest innovation for low cost heavy-duty blast cleaning solutions. This revolutionary product is designed to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs with ease and at a budget price.

SC-8 Steel Abrasive is made from a unique blend of recycled steel and abrasive particles that work together to provide a powerful cleaning action. The steel particles provide a cutting action that quickly removes scale, rust and other contaminants from surfaces. The abrasive particles provide a blast cleaning action that leaves surfaces looking like new.

SC-8 Steel Abrasive is perfect for use on a variety of applications, including precoat blasting for powder coating, removal of coating overspray on fixtures, blasting new steel to remove mil scale prior to a manufacturing process, precoat blasting where mil profiles of .8 to 1,2 are desired (using first pass material) making it an ideal economical option for one pass abrasive use in the field.

SC-8 Steel Abrasive is easy to use and requires no special tools or equipment as it will work in standard air or wheel blast equipment. It is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly, making it a safe and effective choice for any blast cleaning application.

For those looking for a powerful and effective cleaning solution, SC-8 Steel Abrasive is the perfect choice. With its unique characteristics of steel grit/shot abrasive particles, it is sure to tackle even the toughest blast cleaning jobs with ease at a budget friendly price.

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