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Westbrooke Associates: Early-Door Investment Opportunities in Emerging Disruptors

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Westbrooke Associates assists investors in crafting an investment strategy by constructing a varied portfolio designed to endure market fluctuations.

Westbrooke Associates support investors as they tap into expert knowledge, due diligence and experience surrounding a range of ground-breaking investments leading to long-term growth.”
— Tara Denholm-Smith
CRAWLEY, WEST SUSSEX, UK, April 13, 2023/ -- Westbrooke Associates, established by independent specialist brokers and compliance executives, provides investors with exceptional prospects for market penetration in corporate equity. With offices located in both Gibraltar's financial district and the United Kingdom, Westbrooke Associates boasts more than 200 years of industry expertise.

As a brokerage adept at identifying the sectors that are least sensitive to changes in the economic cycle, Westbrooke Associates assists investors in crafting an investment strategy by constructing a varied portfolio, designed to endure market fluctuations.

Westbrooke Associates grants investors the chance to participate in early-stage investments in emerging disruptors, which are products specifically designed to advance the economy and offer remarkable tax advantages.

Focusing on well-established businesses on the cusp of generating revenue, each enterprise is led by competent executives, has a clear sense of direction, utilises proven operational systems and enjoys an outstanding reputation.

Looking to grow and develop their customer base and take their enterprise to the next level through seed funding, these sectors increase demand under the pressure of a downturn. They offer sustainable solutions or cheaper alternatives and represent areas that consumers still need and want to spend money on.

Established post-pandemic, Westbrooke Associates support investors as they tap into the expert knowledge and experience on a range of ground-breaking investments that can lead to long-term growth.

As part of a new wave of innovation, Westbrooke Associates are driving investment to expand, scale and meet demand in the following sectors:

• Clean Food and Farming
• FinTech
• Beverages
• Media and Entertainment
• Health and Wellbeing

Asides from the opportunity to invest in disruptive sectors set to make a global impact, these options come with significant tax incentives and an array of reliefs too. Any capital gain is CGT-free, meaning no Capital Gains Tax is payable on any profits at the point of disposal if the shares are held for at least three years.

Welcome news indeed, particularly in light of the recent tax changes for the 2023/24 tax year where Capital Gains Tax (CGT) allowances will be reduced by more than 50% and halved again in 2024. As such, exploring tax-efficient investment opportunities is a growing priority among UK investors.

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) has been a fundamental investment option for UK investors since its launch 28 years ago. As a component of the government's venture capital schemes, the EIS provides an opportunity for a diverse range of qualifying companies across various sectors and industries to raise funds for the growth of their privately-owned businesses.

EIS offers a highly appealing scheme for UK investors by combining tax benefits, portfolio diversification and enhanced incentives. The EIS allowance permits £1 million, which grants £300,000 in income tax relief. If investing in knowledge-intensive companies, the EIS allowance increases to £2 million, providing a potential £600,000 in income tax relief.

Holding multiple potential exit routes, CGT mitigation, Loss Relief and an upfront 30% Income Tax Relief, EIS gives investors huge tax advantages, alongside the opportunity to create measurable change.

Now offering qualifying investors the chance to invest in some seriously profitable and impactful companies, if you’re looking to advance your portfolio with innumerable benefits and a streamlined strategy, visit the website or call 0203 745 0294 to discover how Westbrooke Associates can help you.

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About the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)