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CurPay is excited to announce the addition of Brenda Gentry as a Brand Ambassador

CurPay and CryptoMom

CurPay and CryptoMom

CurPay is excited to announce the addition of Brenda Gentry aka CryptoMom as their latest Brand Ambassador.

JACKSON, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2023/ -- CurPay, a FinTech and AI-powered technology company, is excited to announce the addition of Brenda Gentry aka CryptoMom as their latest Brand Ambassador.

As Crypto is becoming more mainstream and more people are investing in digital assets it’s important to not be caught on the downside of volatility which could end up losing their hard-earned money.

“By adding Brenda as a CurPay Ambassador for CurPay Trader as a team we feel that that this collaboration can help the trading communities by assisting with the education and adoption of Crypto and protecting Crypto investments." said CurPay COO, Chris Curtin

CurPay Trader is a non-custodial trading assistant that makes Crypto Trading easy, removing the fear of volatility and adding 22 more settings than standard exchanges. It keeps assets safe by monitoring jumps or drops in asset value using CurPay's AVP. It not only protects 24/7 but takes advantage of volatility in the market to make a profit.

“CurPay’s AI and Machine learning software is a game changer for automated trading.” said Brenda Gentry.

CurPay Trader makes Crypto Trading, removing the fear of Volatility. It opens the doors to High frequency trading available to retail day to day and institutional investors.

As Non-Custodial software we are never touching the client’s software and allow any level trader the comfort to know their funds are safe on their exchange of choice.

Our Crypto Portfolio Management allows users to customize, manage and protect your crypto assets from volatility, CurPay AVP learns clients trading strategies - CurPay's AI analyzes, learns, and acts at the most favorable market conditions and with API integrations clients’ can connect to Exchanges and Liquidity Providers like Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, Kucoin, and Blockfills.

About Brenda Gentry

Gentry has earned the title “CryptoMom” as she was introduced to the space by her two daughters Cynthia and Imani who are both leaders in the space in their own rights.

Brenda is a blockchain Advisor, Entrepreneur and the CEO of Bundles Bets a blockchain sports betting platform. Gentry spent almost 20 years in the traditional financial industry before pivoting to the revolutionary blockchain technology.

About CurPay

CurPay is a technology company that wants to drive the acceptance of Cryptocurrency and other digital assets to everyday people and businesses. The core technology, Automated Volatility Protection (AVP)® is based on their in-house AI decision software that makes smart conversions between Cryptocurrencies and FIAT, giving users more control, Automation, and protection over their crypto assets.

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