2023 London Book Fair presents Treasures and Truths by Dr. Tania Wiseman

A must-read book for a closer understanding of the world and life’s mysteries to be displayed at the 2023 London Book Fair

It teaches some things the reader may not have known or understood as clearly as before. It is filled with vital information you cannot afford not to know and how to use it.”
— Dr. Tania Wiseman

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 5, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Author Dr. Tania Wiseman has just recently released a groundbreaking new book titled Treasures and Truths that unlocks the mysteries of life and helps readers discover hidden truths and treasures within themselves with the help of Dr. Wiseman’s outstanding skill in tugging at the reader’s heart and mind. The noteworthy work will be showcased at the 2023 London Book Fair this coming April 18-20.

Treasures and Truths goes beyond what an inspiring book is ought to be as it also serves as a powerful guide for readers to deepen their understanding of the world and the hidden truth that it holds. Through a series of captivating chapters, Dr. Wiseman shares engaging insights and revelations that can help readers live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Apart from being some sort of a guide book, Treasures and Truths is proven to be a unique and humble work of an author who only wanted to help her readers see the world in a transformative way and help them believe that they have the potential to live their lives in fulfillment and abundance.

Dr. Tania Wiseman was a graduate from Seymour High School; a missionary ministries graduate from the Kings Cross Victory Bible College with a doctorate degree; ordained/licensed by the First Church of the Gospel Ministry; and ordained/licensed by Universal Ministries. These are just some of the author’s remarkable background in ministry who has worked with all ministries. She continues to write and publish various works in her retirement.

Copies of the book are available on Amazon and more online book retailers.

Treasures and Truths
Written by Dr. Tania Wiseman
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