Smart City Industry Awards Gala, 7th edition. Romanian Industry Leaders gathered at the Parliament Palace

Smart City Industry Awards, 7 edition

Smart City Industry Awards, 7 edition

Smart City Industry Awards Gala under the patronage of the Romanian Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization.

Sebastian Burduja, declared that "we are condemned to digitally transform our society", and the subject of artificial intelligence is one of great interest for the Presidency or the Government.”
— Sebastian Burduja, Ministrul Cercetării, Inovării și Digitalizării
BUCHAREST, ROMANIA, March 31, 2023/ -- The Romanian Smart City Association (ARSC) hosted the seventh edition of the Smart City Industry Awards Gala on March 30th at the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest. The event was organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization and in partnership with the Commission for Communications, Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence of the Romanian Senate.

The event was attended by 370 people, and among the notable guests were Sebastian Burduja, Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitization, Alina Gorghiu, Interim President of the Senate, Cristian Bușoi, MEP, Marius Humelnicu, Senator and President of the Communications Commission , information technology and artificial intelligence from the Senate, Lucian Heiuș, President of ANAF, Brigadier General Anton Rog, Director of the National Cyberint Center, General Eng. Sorin Bălan, Director of STS, Valentin Ștefan, Director General of Romanian Post, Vlad Stoica, President of Ancom, George Cristian Tuță, Member of Parliament, President of the Commission for Automation and the Future of Work, Victor Vevera, Director General of ICI, Adrian Criț, Director General of STB SA.

The gala showcased 70 projects representing all verticals and domains of the smart city industry, with a significant increase in the number of projects focused on urban mobility and digital transformation. A novelty of this year's edition was the involvement of central public institutions, indicating the development of mature smart city projects with substantial investments. The main theme of the event was sustainability, and the opening conference focused on "Artificial Intelligence in the Transformation of Communities in Romania."

Sebastian Burduja stated that "we are sentenced to digitally transform our society," emphasizing the importance of the topic of artificial intelligence for the Presidency and the Government. Alina Gorghiu noted that digitalizing Romania is a national project, and all attendees have an essential role in this direction, mentioning the Senate's efforts to step up in the digitalization process during the pandemic by proposing changes to the Senate's regulations.

The interim president of the Senate, Alina Gorghiu, emphasized in her speech that the digitization of Romania is a national project, and those present at the event, mayors, presidents of county councils, local or county councilors, entrepreneurs, specialists in new technologies, have an extremely important role in this direction, noting that the Senate "also stepped on the path of digitization" during the pandemic, when it proposed amending the Senate Regulations, so that legislative projects and proposals could be submitted by electronic means.

The event also included speeches from Marius Humelnicu, the President of the Commission for Communications, Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence of the Senate, and Radu Dragomir, the CEO of Urban Scope, among others. The winner of the Mayor of the Year award was Ciprian Ciucu, the Mayor of Sector 6 in Bucharest.

The Mayor of Sector 6, Ciprian Ciucu:
"We need such events, because it is the moment when the private sector or private companies meet with ministries, with the Government, with local authorities to discuss what are the best practices in the field of digitization. At this moment, revolutionary things are happening in the public administration in Romania. The Ministry of the Environment is a leader in this field and with the support and involvement of the mayors and presidents of county councils, those who actually have to apply all these digitization programs, it feels like we are taking important steps"

The Smart City Industry Awards Gala aims to identify and reward those involved in the development of smart cities, including representatives from the business environment, central and local administration, academia, and civil society organizations.

ARSC, a non-governmental organization founded in 2016, supports the development of smart cities in Romania by encouraging innovation, digitalization, and new technologies. The association, which has over 300 members and partners, develops efficient and sustainable solutions for Romanian cities and communities, promoting the transformation of local communities into smart and sustainable cities.

Partners of SCIA Gala 7
Main Partner: Urban Scope
Platinum Partners: Anadolu Automobil Rom, BMF Grup and GeoData Services
Gold Partners: BAT Romania, Electrogrup, fastPark, Integrisoft, Network One Distribution, Swarco, Scope Systems, Telelink Romania
Silver partners: Asseco Romania, eGovernment Solutions, Klarwin
Bronze Partners: Beia Internazionale, PAID, Vodafone Business
Technology Partners: Samsung, Graphtec, MyConnector

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