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CybrHawk Launches First-Ever SecOps AI to Address Cyber Security Skills Shortage in US

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2023 / -- CybrHawk is proud to introduce Avesa. Avesa, the persona behind CybrHawk's SOC analyst AI model (pronounced as ai-vesa). Avesa is a natural language AI model that was created to assist SOC analysts in quickly investigating anomalies detected by their security tool sets. It offers tips and step-by-step instructions for dealing with alerts, incidents, and investigations.

Avesa was created to drastically minimize the time analysts spend on cybersecurity investigations. It can assist analysts throughout investigations and reviews by talking with them in natural language and guiding them as they proceed through investigations. It can automatically close notifications, allowing analysts to focus on what matters most.

CybrHawk’s SecOps platform has already been deployed in several places around the world, serving hundreds of customers.

The company's objective is to provide every organization with complete access to their security data, to make security detection and response affordable for everyone, and to decrease the installation of security operations capabilities from months to minutes.

"Our objective is to continue developing our SecOps AI to become a fully functioning SOC team member, taking over most Level 1 analyst actions and assisting Level 2 and Level 3 analysts," stated Jacob Thankachen, CEO & Co-Founder of CybrHawk.

CybrHawk has been involved in a number of cyber skill development projects both in the United States and around the world. The company has collaborated with a number of universities in the United States to give students with hands-on cybersecurity training. The SecOps technology is being utilized to construct a virtual SOC environment, placing students in the shoes of security analysts and employing real-world data and real cybersecurity threats recorded in the past.

About CybrHawk

CybrHawk is a leading provider of information security-driven risk intelligence solutions focused solely on protecting clients from cyber-attacks.

We pioneered an integrated approach that provides a wide range of cyber security solutions for organizations of varying size and complexity. Our solutions enable organizations to define their cyber defenses to prevent security breaches, detect real-time malicious activity, prioritize and respond quickly to security breaches, and predict emerging threats.

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