New Book Features San Antonio's Revered Landmarks and the History and People Behind Them

This is a story about how San Antonio became the nation's seventh largest city and how we as a community invested in ourselves and the physical environment that defines us.”
— Doug McMurry

SAN ANTONIO, TX, USA, March 16, 2023 / -- “100 Years of Building San Antonio: The People who Built the Seventh Largest City in the USA, 1923-2023”
By Doug McMurry, Hon. AIA San Antonio, and Michele McMurry

Imprint: Elm Grove Publishing
On sale: March 20, 2023 from all booksellers and online, worldwide, through Ingram and its distribution partners
ISBN: 978-1-958407-04-2 (soft cover) List Price: $19.99
ISBN: 978-1-958407-03-5 (hardback) List Price: $34.99

Pages: 150, 6” x 9” illustrated with black and white photographs
Genre: Architecture/Buildings/History

San Antonio looked quite different a century ago. There were no tall buildings, freeway overpasses, or corporate headquarter campuses. Nor was the city home to the largest concentration of military bases in the United States. Despite the absence of significant infrastructure, it was at that time the largest city in Texas. Economic optimism and transformation unfolding after World War I and before the Great Depression were reflected in new buildings and the people who erected them. It was the construction of a dam in the 1920s that precipitated development of the San Antonio River Walk, and jumping forward to the sixties, a world's fair that further established the Alamo City as a tourism destination as well as a leader in architectural innovation and building technology.

Focusing mainly on commercial construction and noteworthy renovations of iconic buildings, “100 Years of Building San Antonio” reveals the stories behind such unique and iconic projects that have shaped San Antonio - and the people who made them happen - to become America's seventh largest city.

"It is also a story about how we invested in ourselves and the physical environment that defines us," says Doug McMurry.

McMurry, along with co-author Michele McMurry, provides an insightful and entertaining narrative unfolding in real time, drawing from archived material and long-forgotten historic documents as well as personal recollections of the men and women whose families pioneered the growth Texas’ most unique city.


Doug McMurry worked in political campaigns and serving in municipal, county and state government before holding executive positions with not-for-profit construction trade associations for 30 years. A strong advocate of community service, he has also led several city boards and committees, and was named an honorary member of the San Antonio Chapter of the American Institute of Architects in 2022.

Michele McMurry's experience as a professional writer and editor spans more than 20 years and includes crafting marketing and public relations content for businesses and creative agencies. She has also written for and edited trade, food, lifestyle, business and construction publications in Texas and beyond.

Michele McMurry
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