Available to underprivileged communities suffering from recurring untreatable toxic cyanobacterial blooms.

CLEVELAND , OHIO, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2023 / -- BlueGreen Water Technologies (BlueGreen) announces The Clean Water Program, an initiative to provide access to clean and healthy water in underprivileged communities in 2023. Through the new Clean Water Program, BlueGreen water scientists are committing their time and expertise to deliver quality pro-bono lake remediation services to disadvantaged communities that cannot afford treatment of recurring harmful algal blooms.

“We are excited to launch The Clean Water Program to assist communities struggling with a lack of access to healthy water,” said Eyal Harel, CEO, BlueGreen. “Water is our most precious natural resource, and we believe access to clean water is a human right. BlueGreen’s Clean Water Program furthers our mission to restore and optimize the health and safety of water bodies worldwide.”

The Clean Water Program strives to ensure underprivileged communities have access to water that is free of harmful algae. Toxic algal blooms harm aquatic ecosystems, jeopardize human health, and can be fatal to pets and wildlife. Left untreated, infected water bodies can render drinking water supplies unsafe and can damage livelihoods and local economies.

“Sharing our expertise has always been part of our ethos at BlueGreen. We are committed to creating a world in which water is safe and accessible, regardless of one’s socioeconomic standing,” said Moshe Harel, Founder and CSO, BlueGreen.

Environmental justice communities shoulder a disproportionate burden of climate risk, such as pollution and water contamination, and historically have suffered from infrastructure inequities and underinvestment.
“Everyone, regardless of race, national origin, or income, should have access to clean drinking water, as well as healthy waters for fishing, swimming, and other recreational activities,” said Harel. “This is a fundamental right, and we are committed to doing our part to ensure it.”

The Clean Water Program is available to underprivileged communities suffering from recurring toxic algal blooms in water bodies of up to 250 acres in size. BlueGreen will provide lake rehabilitation services throughout an entire season of up to four months.

Non-profit organizations, academic or research institutions, local, state, and federal governments, and those involved in water quality management or treatment of harmful algal blooms are encouraged to apply for The Clean Water Program.

Project proposals opened February 15, 2023 and will be considered on a rolling basis. Selected projects will be announced on March 27, 2023. For additional information, eligibility criteria, and to apply for consideration go to:

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BlueGreen Water Technologies is leading the charge in helping preserve and promote life on Earth. We are restoring, safeguarding, and optimizing the health, safety, accessibility, and biodiversity of waterbodies worldwide – including their wildlife, aquatic life, ecosystems, and economies – by pioneering and applying proven scientific ingenuity and deep tech solutions. BlueGreen is the first and only company in the world to develop, obtain regulatory approval for, and commercialize a technology suite that reverses the effects of climate change in water bodies and drastically reduces greenhouse gas levels. The multidisciplinary team of BlueGreen experts is exposing the secrets of lakes and oceans – detecting, analyzing, preventing and remediating some of the most complex and dynamic problems that plague the world’s water systems.

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