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Dan A Rosenberg Books announces the release of the historical fiction novel, Elusive Links

Elusive Links by Dan Rosenberg

Elusive Links by Dan Rosenberg

When The Spanish Inquisition, golf, romance, and Maimonides converge, our fractured world can learn valuable lessons about compassion, charity, and competition.

I'm very excited to release Elusive Links. It's been a long journey only possible with the help of clergy, golfers, historians, journalists, broadcasters, and a small army of editors.”
— Dan Rosenberg
WARREN, NEW JERSEY, USA, March 9, 2023 / -- In his masterful debut novel, Elusive Links, Dan Rosenberg weaves a thought provoking tale, connecting a medieval family’s saga to a fast-paced multi-faceted modern story. With an immersive storytelling style, the reader is invited to experience the journey of the characters as they navigate the intersecting themes of genealogy, religion, and sport. This novel will leave a lasting impression on readers who appreciate a blend of historical fiction and philosophical inquiry.

Ben Solomon was expelled from Spain in 1492 only to find himself shipwrecked in Scotland three years later. He settles there and helps launch the sport of golf, with the support and protection of King James IV. However, the antisemitism and violence of Solomon’s youth return, nearly taking his life at the Battle of Flodden in 1513.

In 2002, Rusty Stephens, a world renown golfer and Episcopalian, meets Sandy Cole, a Jewish anthropologist working at Columbia University with an interest in genealogy.

O.T. Sills, Stephens’s trusted caddie and confidant, has a unique set of physical characteristics. Curious about his own genetics, he recruits Sandy Cole to investigate his ancestry. Her friend, Tamara Wright, an African American, is swept up into the search.

Tommy Torres, a forty-five year old golfer and widower with two children, sells timeshares in California to make ends meet. The Augusta National Golf Club, taking steps to increase inclusivity, invites Torres, who is Hispanic, to compete at The Masters in April 2003. In the final round, Torres, the underdog, is paired with Stephens. They contend head to head for the coveted green jacket.

It is Sandy Cole's successful traversing of five centuries of genealogical history that unearths an extraordinary genealogical connection that will forever bind the characters’ lives.

Born in 1952, Rosenberg was raised in the Reform Jewish community of Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and his interest in writing took root shortly after earning a masters degree from Georgia State University in 1979. Since 2009, he has written over sixty-five pieces for The Connections Magazines. His column, “Random Connections,” is published in central New Jersey, where he resides with his wife, Abby.

Elusive Links is available for purchase as a paperback, hardcover, and e-book through Amazon Books. Booksellers, libraries, educational institutions, and other organizations can order through IngramSpark.

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