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Brock Bierman takes helm as CEO and President of Ukraine Focus

Brock Bierman, the new President and CEO of Ukraine Focus.

Brock Bierman, the new President and CEO of Ukraine Focus.

Brock Bierman on his first mission of the Volunteer Ambulance Corps on May 7, 2022 in Mykolaiv,  Ukraine.

Brock Bierman on his first mission of the Volunteer Ambulance Corps on May 7, 2022 in Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

Former USAID official now leads non-profit laser-focused on transparency and accountability, and community- and partnership-building in Ukraine

Everything we do is focused on strengthening the Ukrainian Community, looking to Ukrainians to lead, with specific emphasis on communications, collaboration and cooperation.”
— Brock D. Bierman, President, Ukraine Focus

ALEXANDRIA, VA, UNITED STATES, March 9, 2023 / -- Former U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) official and experienced humanitarian relief professional Brock D. Bierman has been appointed President and CEO of Ukraine Focus, a non-profit dedicated to providing targeted humanitarian and medical aid to Ukraine tailored to the specific needs of Ukrainian communities. Ukraine Focus is committed to applying a rigorous, Ukrainian-led, needs-based, transparent approach to ensure that help is delivered directly to those who need it most.

"Ukraine Focus is composed of the most passionate and dedicated professionals I know helping Ukraine survive, heal, prosper and recover from the ravages of Russia's war of aggression," Mr. Bierman said. "I'm honored by the Board's appointment, and thrilled I can continue the lifesaving projects I started nine months ago."

Mr. Bierman said he would bring a laser focus on transparency and accountability, as well as community- and partnership-building. "Our donors know exactly how their funds are being used and see first-hand the impact it’s having," he said. "The aid we provide is directed to those who need it most, tailored to the precise needs of those communities, and delivered on a needs-based priority through strategic partnerships at all levels of government and non governmental organizations. Everything we do is focused on strengthening the Ukrainian Community and, looking to Ukrainians to lead, with specific emphasis on communications, collaboration and cooperation."

A former member of the Rhode Island State Legislature and Assistant Administrator of USAID's Bureau for Europe and Eurasia, Mr. Bierman has led nine missions to Ukraine to deliver humanitarian assistance as president and CEO of Ukraine Friends, a position he stepped down from last month to dedicate more time to scaling the programs he had helped to initiate and champion through his work with Ukraine Friends.

Mr. Bierman is thankful for his time with Ukraine Friends but thought it was time to focus on more specific programs that he led while at the charity and those he championed throughout his career. “We don’t want to be everything to everybody," he said. "Ukraine needs specific help and we need to listen and respond to those specific needs. Ukraine Focus will be a mile deep and an inch long and concentrate on the programs Ukraine needs most."

Within months of Russia’s full-scale invasion, he founded the Volunteer Ambulance Corps (VAC) in early May 2022 and later brought it to Ukraine Friends, where as CEO he led its growth with the partnerships of donors such as Rotary International, the Sabin Family Foundation, Ukrainian Action, the City of Bucha and the Kyiv Regional Council, to name a few. While at Ukraine Focus, the VAC will expand its partnership and cooperation with international organizations to double its effort from 2022.

"Ukraine needs thousands of ambulances yesterday and we hope to help deliver and facilitate that goal this year," Mr. Bierman said. Under Mr. Bierman’s leadership the Volunteer Ambulance Corps delivered 104 ambulances through its partnerships.

On March 8, as his last act with Ukraine Friends, Mr. Bierman and his fellow Rotarians helped personally deliver 14 ambulances into the Baltimore Port for delivery to Ukraine in mid-April. "We had a great day with so many volunteers coming out to help us drive the ambulances from Harrisonburg to Baltimore," Mr. Bierman said. "A huge thank you to the Rotary Clubs in Staunton, Harrisonburg and Western Henrico for their help providing volunteers."

"It was disappointing eight vehicles could not be delivered due to mechanical difficulties, but rest assured the remainder will be delivered soon," he added. "We hope to cooperate with Ukraine Friends on their ambulances."

Moving forward, Ukraine Focus will concentrate on four main programs:

► Volunteer Ambulance Corps: Ambulances continue to be a focus of Russian aggression. The Volunteer Ambulance Corps program, modeled after the American Field Service created in WW1, provides first-hand support to the medical professionals and field staff who are in dire need of assistance. Through this program, Ukraine Focus sources, procures, repairs as necessary and delivers functional ambulances.

► Light Up Ukraine: As a result of Russia’s relentless attacks on Ukraine and its electric power grid, the Ukrainian people — including children, the elderly and persons with disabilities face a dark, cold winter. The focus of this program is to purchase and distribute solar lanterns to provide critically needed light as well as power to charge cell phones. Generators will also provide energy and heat for shelters and other public spaces.

► Playgrounds4Peace: Due to Russian military action in Ukraine, many families were forced to leave their homes and temporarily relocate to refugee centers in different parts of the country. Ripped away from everything they had ever known, children have become the youngest victims of this unjust war.
Playgrounds4Peace is more than just creating a playground for kids; it provides an opportunity for communities to come together and support families in need.

► Rebuild Community Centers: Community centers are being targeted and bombed by the Russian Forces. Rebuilding community centers will enable children to return to school, provide a warm place for community members to gather during the winter months and serve as needed bomb shelters. Equally
important, these community centers are an important symbol of pride and resolve for the Ukrainian people.

Through these lines of effort, Mr. Bierman hopes to continue to cultivate relationships around the world and at the highest levels of Ukraine's government and on the ground with local organizations.

Recently Mr. Bierman organized a multi-city tour of the United States for Anatolii Fedoruk, Mayor of Bucha, which suffered some of the worst war atrocities in the first months of the war. "Mayor Fedoruk managed to survive, and Ukraine Focus will now look to work hard with him to rebuild his ravaged city through our Rebuild Community Program," Mr. Bierman said. "Now is the time to expand our focus to ensure Ukraine receives all the critical support to not only get through this war, but come out stronger after victory."

To learn more about Ukraine Focus, get involved, or to make a tax-deductible contribution, visit

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