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A Game Changer for Kids' Mental Health: Universal Tutor can Save Lives



Brittany Burtz, CEO - Universal Tutor

Brittany Burtz, CEO - Universal Tutor



Revolutionizing Mental Health with AI-Powered Avatars

We provide a robust interoperability platform by connecting the stakeholders, by providing personalized support through AI integration in mental healthcare...”
— ETT's Chairman & CEO, Christopher Condon

FRISCO, TX, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2023 / -- UNIVERSAL TUTOR, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Economic Transformation Technologies (ETT), is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking education technology platform for social & emotional learning. The platform uses an AI avatar-led gamified approach, providing a customized and powerful tool for students, teachers, parents, and administrators. In addition to optimizing the student experience, it connects the stakeholders to provide additional support to students in need, which addresses concerns of bullying, gun violence, and child suicide, all which are at an all-time high.

The Universal Tutor platform is equipped with psychometrics, providing powerful insight into students' mental health and emotional well-being. The platform is unique in providing real time secure data to stakeholders in the education process, offering a collaborative approach to Social & Emotional Learning. This platform is the first to use Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Data to provide visibility, personalized learning, and effective collaboration.

"We provide a robust interoperability platform by connecting the stakeholders, by providing personalized support through AI integration in mental healthcare. Our dedication to mental health awareness and latest technology creates a safer and healthier World," said ETT's Chairman & CEO, Christopher Condon.

"Universal Tutor's platform is leading the way towards the future of education by incorporating emotional intelligence and game-based learning through AI and Predictive Data. Our focus on personalized learning, collaboration, and Social & Emotional Learning benefits schools and pediatric hospitals," said Ms. Burtz, CEO of Universal Tutor and Master Practitioner of NLP.

"AI can revolutionize mental health by providing real-time monitoring and personalized interventions, improving outcomes. Advanced algorithms can predict issues early, reduce stigma, and enhance quality of life," said David Smith, CTO, Universal Tutor.

In addition to schools and hospitals, Universal Tutor has its sights set on other verticals, including Military Veterans, Correctional Facilities, and Assisted Living. With its unique approach to Social & Emotional Learning, Universal Tutor is poised to make a significant impact in these areas, offering personalized, effective, and engaging support.

With the launch of the Universal Tutor platform, ETT is demonstrating its commitment to advancing education technology to provide an enhanced student experience, and school safety. Working alongside all major learning management systems like Google Classroom and Canvas, the platform's unique features offer a game-changing approach to mental health and emotional well-being, bringing together all stakeholders in the education process to create a collaborative, supportive, and engaging learning environment.

About Universal Tutor

Universal Tutor is an industry-wide gamified Education Technology Platform for students, parents, faculty, and health care professionals. The platform delivers Social and Emotional Learning and Mental Health curriculum with its proprietary 3D conversational Avatars in a learning environment that can be used in-classroom or asynchronously. Through Universal Tutor, students become self-aware and able to reach their highest potential, while Teachers continue to do what they do best, feeling supported by the insights the platform provides. Visit for more information.

About ETT: Economic Transformation Technologies

Economic Transformation Technologies, or ETT, is a company headquartered in Dallas that specializes in digital transformation in the current era of advanced technologies. The company has a team of top technologists, including Systems Architects, Software Developers, and Data Science experts, who have spent nearly a decade developing an Intelligent Interoperable Ecosystem Platform that serves as the "System of Systems" backbone for various sectors such as Healthcare, Education, Real Estate, Hospitality, Supply Chain/Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Automotive, and Renewable Energy.

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