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RapidFort surpasses one million downloads of its hardened public container images

Promotional image stating that RapidFort Community Images Project has surpassed one million downloads.

RapidFort surpasses one million downloads of its free, hardened container images; a significant milestone for the industry and open source developer community.

We provide our hardened images as a free service to the community and will continue to invest in growing its scope and reach. It's exciting to see that people are finding it useful.”
— Mehran Farimani

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 14, 2023 / -- RapidFort, a San Francisco-based container security company, surpassed one million downloads of its free, hardened container images. With this milestone, RapidFort continues its mission to deliver powerful, effective, and simple solutions to security and development teams.

RapidFort's Community Images project ( is a growing bank of popular container images, optimized and hardened using RapidFort's platform. The hardened images are functionally identical to their original versions, with far fewer vulnerabilities and a significantly smaller software attack surface.

As the industry shifts to cloud-native applications with rapid release cycles, security teams are inundated with critical and high-severity vulnerability alerts in their containerized environments. It is often difficult and time-consuming to determine which vulnerabilities are exploitable and must be prioritized. RapidFort's Community Images have become popular within the DevSecOps community because they remove unused packages and their associated vulnerabilities.

Across the 60+ images currently in RapidFort's Community Images project, hardened images are, on average, 64% smaller and contain 71% fewer vulnerabilities. The smaller optimized images load much faster, produce far fewer vulnerability alerts, and significantly reduce the patch management burden without new tooling or workflow changes. Infrastructure teams gain cost and security benefits from these smaller container images with minimal attack surface.

"Cybersecurity is challenging, and security teams have a tough job. Our mission is to build products that help reduce the burden on security and development teams with practical solutions. Our Community Images project is a good example. We provide it as a free service to the community and will continue to invest in growing its scope and reach. It's exciting to see that people are finding it useful. One million unique downloads is a large number, and it's all organic adoption," said Mehran Farimani, CEO of RapidFort.

The RapidFort team has open-sourced the hardening scripts via their GitHub repository. The team will continue adding new images for free and takes requests for new images via its GitHub page.

Founded in 2020, RapidFort has been helping security and engineering teams understand and secure their software infrastructure with innovative solutions.

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