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StormFisher Hydrogen and kiwi AG Enter into a Partnership for Green Hydrogen Projects in North America and Europe

StormFisher Hydrogen Ltd. and kiwi AG today announce that they have entered into a partnership to advance the development of green hydrogen related projects.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 27, 2023 / -- StormFisher Hydrogen Ltd. (StormFisher) and kiwi AG (kiwi) today announce that they have entered into a partnership to advance the development of green hydrogen related projects in North America and Europe.

StormFisher has a track record over the last 15 years of developing long-term, successful renewable energy facilities that continue to operate today. This includes operation of the largest industrial biogas plant in North America, generating 225,000 gigajoules (GJ) of renewable natural gas, 2.85 megawatts (MW) of renewable electricity, while processing over 135,000 metric tonnes of organic waste per year. For reference, the average Canadian home uses around 90 GJs per year for home heating uses.

With StormFisher’s strong leadership team and renewable fuels project development expertise, it will support kiwi’s plans to build and operate large scale Power to X (PtX) projects throughout the EU (European Union). This includes facilities using renewable electricity to produce low carbon fuels such as compressed hydrogen, renewable natural gas, liquefied renewable natural gas, green methanol, and other liquid fuels or chemicals. Each proposed facility will convert up to 300 MW of renewable electricity into green hydrogen and produce upwards of 1.5 million GJs or 90,000 metric tonnes of green methanol using biogenic carbon dioxide from various industries.

“Being the leading pioneers in PtX and renewable fuels for the transport sector since more than 10 years, the kiwi team is looking forward to the collaboration with the StormFisher Hydrogen team,” says Hermann Pengg, founder and CEO of kiwi AG. “StormFisher have been very successful in developing renewable fuels projects within the last decades. Joining forces will boost our plans in rolling out PtX projects. Kiwi is happy to have StormFisher Hydrogen as a partner who's experienced in project development in the North American market and for its expertise in the legislative frameworks to enable us as partners to develop market-specific setups that realize the common goal of #Netzero#.”

Through the collaboration, StormFisher will in turn gain access to kiwi’s technical and operational maintenance data from running the world’s first industrial power-to-gas plant in Werlte, Lower Saxony. The plant has been generating up to 1,300 m3 of green hydrogen per hour since 2013 using 6 MW of alkaline electrolyzers and biogenic carbon dioxide from a nearby food waste anaerobic digestion facility.

Green hydrogen is widely recognized as essential to achieve global climate goals, potentially supplying 25% of energy demand by 2050, with a $10tn addressable market, according to Goldman Sachs. The partnership will allow StormFisher to gain insights from a leader in the production of green hydrogen and relay this information back to the emerging industry in Canada.

The partnership falls in line with ambitions from the Canadian and German government to enhance energy security with clean Canadian hydrogen.

“The StormFisher Hydrogen team is excited to collaborate with the team from kiwi as they have been a leader in the production of green hydrogen for the past decade,” says Brandon Moffatt, co-founder StormFisher Hydrogen. “We believe the combination of our skills to develop and operate green hydrogen and PtX facilities is best in class. We believe that our goals/aspirations fit together well and look to be a leader in the space for many years to come. Kiwi has unique operational experience and expertise with clean hydrogen production that we look forward to leveraging in our project development efforts in North America.”

About StormFisher Hydrogen

StormFisher Hydrogen develops, owns, and operates renewable, hydrogen-derived clean fuel production facilities that enable the transition to a low-carbon future. Leveraging our decades of experience in renewable energy, we help corporations, utilities and governments achieve net zero emissions through cleaner fuels. Our developments support resiliency and a net zero economy across sectors by meeting the right intersection of needs within our supply chain. We are an outlet for unutilized renewable power, create commercial value with local partners by maximizing the value of existing by-products, and produce Green Hydrogen, Renewable Natural Gas, and eMethanol. for end-markets that are traditionally hard to decarbonize.

About kiwi AG

kiwi owns and operates the world´s largest industrial-scale power-to-gas (PtG) facility. Located in Werlte, Germany, the facility produces green hydrogen for mobility and industrial usage, renewable natural gas (RNG) and liquified renewable natural gas (R-LNG) in combination with CO2 capture and utilization (CCU) to decarbonize many applications that are a part of the RNG and LNG infrastructure. The facility has been in operation since 2013. kiwi is an expert in engineering, O&M, renewable electricity market, certification and commercialization of green hydrogen and its derivatives to develop, build and operate large scale PtX facilities up to 300 MW in the EU.


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