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Modulos Launches Data Copilot™, the World's First Conversational AI to Revolutionize Trustworthy AI Development at MWC23

Data Copilot™️ Launch at #MWC23

Modulos launches Data Copilot™️ at #MWC23

Data Copilot™ goal is to make using AI more natural and help users make their AI products more trustworthy and responsible.”
— Kevin Schawinski, CEO
ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, February 26, 2023 / -- Mobile World Congress: Modulos AG is proud to announce the launch of its world-first GPT-based conversational AI platform at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, designed to revolutionize the way data scientists and business leaders approach trustworthy AI development. Modulos Data Copilot™ will significantly speed up the development of AI models and bring businesses closer to the use of AI by introducing a new way to interact with data and models.

The large language model technology used in this platform is currently changing all aspects of how the software works and how users interact with it. The platform utilizes OpenAI’s GPT3 model to let the user interact naturally with data and AI models, making it a powerful tool for end-to-end Trustworthy AI development.

By leveraging this technology, data scientists can now train AI models much faster and with greater accuracy and fairness, reducing the time and effort required for the development. In addition to its speed and ML model reliability, the platform's user-friendly interface allows organizations to integrate AI easily into their operations and allows other business experts to contribute using natural language.

Data Copilot™ is enhanced by Modulos' unique, patent-pending Data-Centric technology capable of identifying sources of errors, noise, and bias in training data sets and mitigating their impact on models performance. This enables organizations operating in high-risk AI areas - as defined by the EU AI act - to work towards compliance with new regulations.

Modulos plans to incorporate Data Copilot™ in its Data-Centric AI Platform which will allow users to interact with it through different modalities making it the truly first-of-its-kind Multimodal Trustworthy AI platform.

"We are excited to launch this platform and bring the power of conversational AI to the world of practical AI," said Kevin Schawinski, CEO. "Our goal is to make using AI more natural and at the same time help our users to make their AI products more trustworthy and responsible. With the launch of Data Copilot™, Modulos Data-Centric AI platform adds a new way users can interact with data and models, getting one step closer to achieving that goal."

Modulos Data Copilot™ is available to be demonstrated at the Swisstech’s booth at Mobile World Congress Hall 5 Stand 5C41.

To learn more and stay up-to-date with Data Copilot™ follow this link.

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