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LSV Communications Launches Artificial Intelligence Storytelling

Lifelike avatars and creative copywriting offer clients next-generation marketing strategy

Our changing communications habits have transformed how B2B decision makers prefer to consume content. We’re adding AI technology into our service mix to further align with this trend.”
— Bruce Goldfaden

HOUSTON , TX , US, February 22, 2023 / -- LSV Communications announces today the launch of artificial intelligence (AI) storytelling combining lifelike avatars and creative copywriting to offer clients next-generation marketing strategy. The strategy leverages the recently completed certification in AI knowledge introduction course from the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute®.

The agency generated two staff-member avatars, Veronica and Charles, for this AI launch. These avatars show the numerous possibilities that B2B companies can apply to engage their target audience. Going forward, Veronica and Charles will take viewers on a journey into the realm of storytelling marketing instead of the wordy, dense content many B2B companies publish. This AI strategy leverages LSV Communications’ signature copywriting style of short, conversational sentences and paragraphs vital to the storytelling medium, which can persuasively establish an emotional attachment to a brand.

This strategy is necessary even with some of the most critical content that B2B companies produce. In the 2022 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report, 51% of nearly 3,500 global management executives reported that increasing the value of thought leadership depends on making information “quick and easy to consume and absorb.” AI storytelling is spot-on for this finding, in addition to enhancing data analytics with easy-to-understand explanations.

“Our changing communications habits, heavily influenced by social media videos and text messaging, have transformed how B2B decision makers prefer to consume content,” said Bruce Goldfaden of LSV Communications. “We’re adding AI technology into our service mix to further align with this trend.”

The Marketing AI Institute defines artificial intelligence as “the science of making machines smart,” citing Demis Hassabis, CEO and a founder of DeepMind Technologies Limited, a company registered in England and Wales and a subsidiary of Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc. Machine learning is defined by the institute as “the primary subset of AI.”

The institute’s “Marketer-to-Machine (M2M) Scale™ classifies five levels of intelligent automation at the use case level” to answer two questions: “What will the machine do? What will the marketer do?: Level 0: all marketer; Level 1: mostly marketer; Level 2: half and half; Level 3: mostly machine; Level 4: all machine.” The institute reports that “most AI-powered marketing solutions fit into Levels 1-2.” According to the institute, an AI application must satisfy two criteria: “efficiency lift; i.e., time and money saved; performance lift; i.e., increased probability of achieving business goals.”

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LSV Communications, founded in 2016, is a digital marketing agency structured on the principle of value proposition messaging to differentiate a company from competitors. The agency’s TargetMarketFIRST™ 21st-century business model creates this messaging with a signature content style of short, conversational sentences and paragraphs, energetic web content, imaginative video production, and artificial intelligence storytelling to enhance content marketing engagement.

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