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Angara’s DecarbonX Technologies Could Deliver up to 10% of the Netherlands’ Industrial 2030 Decarbonization Targets

The potential of Angara's DecarbonX technology at scale, is up to 10% of the Netherlands' industry emission reduction target by 2030”
— Petra Koselka, CEO of Angara
AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, February 22, 2023 / -- Global demand is on the rise for technical solutions to lower greenhouse gases. The Netherlands aims to be a world leader in smart, clean, and energy-efficient technologies.

To combat climate change, the Dutch government has committed to reducing the Netherlands' greenhouse gas emissions by 49% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels, and a 95% reduction by 2050. These goals were laid down in the Climate Act on May 28, 2019. The Climate Plan, the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), and the National Climate Agreement contain the policy and measures to achieve these climate goals.

Angara DX BV is a Dutch company with an office located in Amsterdam. In 2022, Angara received the so-called Orange Carpet treatment from the Government of The Netherlands. This enabled them to bring critical foreign technical specialists to the Netherlands, expand operations, and set-up circular supply chains here and across Europe.

Angara is currently working on decarbonizing large refineries in the European region, applying its patented suite of technologies that keep heat exchangers performing optimally through its dynamic fouling removal approach. Through its DecarbonX program, Angara works with established delivery partners like Mourik and others.

A large Benelux refinery implemented Angara’s innovative technology. Compared to traditional hydro-blasting cleaning, in a small project, the calculated annual gross benefits were energy savings of some $3.4M and 10kt of Scope 1 emissions.

Angara co-operated with Power2X (an energy transition consultancy, to assess the effects its technology could bring for both the Netherlands and Belgium. Power2X estimated that, without capex and in the short term, Angara’s technology could deliver some 4% of the Dutch 2030 industrial decarbonization targets. This could lead to an annual reduction of 700,000 tonnes of scope 1 CO2 emissions. Additionally, the gross annual saving of some Euro 200M could be (re-) directed to fund longer term, capex intensive energy transition projects. After an upgrade to more efficient heat exchangers, at scale, the total effects of applying the Angara technology across all Dutch refineries could be around 2 million tons of annual CO2 reduction.

Petra Koselka, CEO of Angara says: “While I applaud and support the development of large, headline grabbing energy transition projects like CCS and Hydrogen, pragmatic energy efficiency solutions like Angara’s are required to deliver decarbonization in the short term. As a Dutch citizen, I certainly expect industry to implement such profitable, no tech risk and low hanging fruit for starters. The potential of Angara's DecarbonX technology at scale, is up to 10% of the Netherlands' industry emission reduction target by 2030”.

ANGARA’s Cognitive Cleaning technology has been evaluated by DNV, a leading independent assurance, and risk management company, receiving a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 8+.

About Angara:

Angara DX BV, part of the Angara Global Group of companies) is a Dutch company with an office located in Amsterdam. ANGARA has designed and commercialized an innovative decarbonization technology that pays for itself (with no upfront investment: NO CAPEX needed) and is available NOW. This technology helps clients across several energy-intensive process industries globally to substantially abate emissions and save costs through an innovative approach to boosting the efficiency of heat exchanging equipment. ANGARA’s DecarbonX Program includes a number of patented elements like smart chemical recipes, AI-powered smart schedules, and fouling fracturing methodology.

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