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Sirqul Welcomes Cachengo as New Strategic Alliance Partner

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Sirqul Announces New Strategic Alliance Partner

Sirqul announces Cachengo as a new Alliance Partner to combine their advanced edge AI computational and storage hardware with Sirqul’s Smart Routing, and more.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2023 / -- Sirqul announced today that Cachengo, a Tennessee based company that builds revolutionary hardware that combines massive edge-computational power and storage with superior security at greatly lowered CAPEX and OPEX costs than traditional cloud solutions, will join its Strategic Alliance Program ( Both companies will work together to integrate Cachengo’s capabilities with Sirqul’s wide array of industry leading white-label solutions beginning with Route’N’Roll, an advanced routing, telematics, and logistics platform for fleet optimization, followed by Sirqul’s “Elexi” Smart Building, “Aileen” Smart Retail, and “Einstein” Smart Venue solutions.

Sirqul has been building its unique capabilities with its Strategic Alliance Partners since 2012 and chooses only a few companies to add to the Alliance per year. Companies must have market-leading, innovative, and complementary solutions that enhance and create a mutually beneficial partnership by augmenting existing Sirqul solutions that greatly improve consumer and business experiences for customers. By working together under this Strategic Alliance Program partnership, Sirqul and Cachengo will create unparalleled edge computing solutions that offer customers better, faster, greatly reduced power consumption, much lower cost, superior security, and advanced AI and Machine Learning capabilities than traditional cloud computing solutions.

“By working with Cachengo,” said Robert Frederick, Founder and CEO of Sirqul, “we are excited that we will be able to greatly scale our Augmented Intelligence of Things (AIoT) solutions with the power of Cachengo’s Bento Box and Pizza Box hardware for our customers. For large deployments in transportation projects, physical retailers, stadiums, hotels, casinos, and health care facilities, we need to be able to process data from our Edysen and IoT sensors on premise. Cachengo’s hardware and management interface will allow our servers to work at the edge to store data, enabling queries, and visualization while greatly reducing the load, data transferal fees, and time delays across the internet and wireless connections. By decentralizing computational load to the edge, we speed up processing, can trigger alerts faster when thresholds are met, and provide local storage, all while creating a central repository for historical data to be consumed by admins, product managers, data scientists and others that need to see massive amounts of data across many multiple geographic deployments and locations spread over large regions.”

“We have envisioned a world of decentralized Edge Computing where the data comes from all around us”, said Ash Young, CEO and Co-Founder of Cachengo, “where the vast amounts of data, combined with time sensitivity, precludes that data from being moved to some centralized cloud where the analytics magically take place. Sirqul’s amazing products, such as their Edysen product suite, really embody this idea. Together, we not only can help businesses see what is really going on with their operations and with their customers, but the data never has to leave their possession.”

Sirqul and Cachengo plan to combine their capabilities to bring a whole new level of service to the Transportation and Logistics market served by Sirqul’s Route’N’Roll platform. In this scenario, vehicles will have the Bento box with the capability of collecting and processing much more data in-vehicle from numerous on-board sensors. After utilizing AI and Machine Learning for processing, the Bento Box will then communicate with a central server, “Pizza Box” running on premise, to give updates, results, and send only necessary, important data triggered by variances versus sending huge amounts of raw data to the cloud for processing.

About Cachengo

Cachengo ( provides the best performing and easiest to deploy storage systems to meet the increased global demands for Edge Computing, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) by replacing the over-use of single, large CPUs with several smaller ones, embedded onto each drive to perform localized computing where the data actually sits, dramatically altering the status quo computing paradigm that relies heavily on migrating data from disk, to CPU, back to disk – to one where the computing is truly distributed and is driven to each drive. This results in a dramatic reduction in data center footprint and greenhouse gases in the environment while providing unparalleled computing capabilities at a greatly reduced overall cost for equipment and operations.

About Sirqul, Inc

Sirqul ( provides an Engagement-as-a-Service Augmented Intelligence of Things Platform that drives engagement, operational efficiency, predictive visualizations, rapid innovation, and new revenue streams for businesses of any size. At the foundation of Sirqul’s platform are 605 APIs, 93 microservices, 3 distinct IoT hardware product offerings, and 30+ customizable native application templates that companies can use to get started on the platform. Sirqul is device, protocol, and cloud-agnostic – fostering an interoperable system for building future-proof API-powered solutions for retail, smart cities, new construction, mobility, logistics, campuses, buildings, entertainment, sports, and more. Books have been written about Sirqul’s mission to make it possible for anyone to quickly build web, mobile, and IoT Applications using their platform and are available upon request.

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