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Tracy Evans, Renowned Personal Chef, and Food Expert, Says Proper Nutrition is a Personal Choice

Photo of Tracy Evans

Maintaining a balanced diet and eating healthy is the responsibility of the individual, says Evans.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2023 / -- Tracy Evans, acclaimed personal chef, says it is the individual's responsibility to attain and maintain a healthy diet. According to Evans, more than relying on a doctor or other medical professionals to stay healthy is required. To achieve optimum health outcomes, individuals must take accountability for their health. That entails figuring out what foods work and what do not, then acting on the findings.

“So, the best thing I can say about proper nutrition is that it's individual and our job to research our health. This means getting your vitamin and hydration levels checked on a regular basis,” says Evans.

A strong and healthy immune system is maintained by eating a balanced diet. Our immune system oversees defending our body against ailments, infections, and other dangerous agents. According to Harvard Health Publishing, the best strategy to strengthen the immune system is to lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes maintaining good health with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices, says the outlet. Evans suggests checking blood sugar levels because it might be challenging to determine which foods are beneficial or harmful. “We can learn what works and what doesn't work with all the foods we enjoy,” she adds.

“There are several new modern companies that supply at-home testing and blood sugar regulators to determine what foods work best for each of us individually. This surpasses all fad diets and helps us to determine what the foods are doing to our systems,” says Evans.

According to Evans, the greatest approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to plan your meals. “In my professional opinion, grocery shopping and planning your meals ahead of time is the key to success,” informs Evans. Meal preparation can be done in various ways and days in advance. Some apps can speed up the process, according to Spruce Eats. A digital trend that is here to stay is meal planning applications. With the convenience of a mobile device, users can select meal plans and recipes, make shopping lists, and keep track of nutritional data, says the news source.

“Whether you do this yourself or hire a meal prep company, they are many studies that show that when you know what you're going to eat ahead of time, you don't skip meals and then subsequently overeat,” explains Evans.

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