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Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Vivian Balakrishnan's Written Reply to Parliamentary Question on Additional Measures Beyond Travel Advisories Available to Help Singaporeans During Overseas Trips



Ms Joan Pereira: To ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs what additional measures beyond travel advisories are available to help Singaporeans equip themselves with life saving techniques and tips during their overseas trips.




               Prior to their overseas trips, Singaporeans should monitor developments in the countries they are travelling to, especially if there are events that can affect their personal safety. Besides travel advisories, Singaporeans should check for other travel-related information on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) website such as the contact details of the nearest Singapore Overseas Mission and the local emergency services. Singaporeans can reach out to the 24/7 MFA Duty Office if they require consular assistance and advice while overseas.



2             Singaporeans are strongly encouraged to e-register with MFA before going overseas. This will enable MFA to reach out to them to check on their safety and provide consular assistance in the event there is an emergency or natural disaster. Singaporeans should pay attention to unfamiliar weather and driving conditions; make adequate preparations for the activities pursued and purchase comprehensive travel insurance that includes emergency medical care and evacuation.



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