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Darry Ring to Launch Kiss Cam Contest on Valentine’s Day 2023

DR Kiss Cam Contest

DR Kiss Cam Contest

DR Kiss Cam Prizes

DR Kiss Cam Prizes

DR Kiss Cam Sticker

DR Kiss Cam Sticker

Darry Ring launches a Kiss Cam Contest from Feb. 10 to 15, 2023 on TikTok to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Enter to win DR forever wedding rings and big prizes.

Darry Ring (SZSE: 301177)

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 6, 2023 / -- From February 10 to 15, 2023 (GMT-8), Darry Ring, a high-end engagement ring brand that champions the idea of true love, will host a DR Kiss Cam Contest on TikTok to inspire couples to declare their love loudly on this Valentine's Day filled with love.

What is Darry Ring?
“One Love One Ring One Life” is the brand concept of the Chinese jewelry brand, Darry Ring (DR), which aspires to convey the idea of true love throughout the world. To fulfill the brand mission of making love better, Darry Ring has established the brand rule that a person can only purchase one DR diamond engagement ring in their lifetime. Moreover, the initial purchase necessitates identity verification and the signing of a True Love Agreement. The unique brand rules and the reverence for true love have quickly helped Darry Ring capture the hearts of a large number of young couples around the world.

About DR Kiss Cam Contest
According the official website, in order to provide couples more opportunities to create cherished moments along the path to true love, Darry Ring launches a Kiss Cam Contest on TikTok, the popular social media site for young people today.

“DR Kiss Cam Contest is a creative event inspired by the kiss cam cameras during arena and stadium events in the United States and Canada.” said Tina Lee, the marketing manager of the company, “We hope to give more young couples a chance to experience the power of true love that what Darry Ring has been insisting on.”

Tina Lee continues, “The main goal of Darry Ring Kiss Cam Contest is to witness the sweetest moments of couples who also believe in true love and to support and inspire them to fearlessly express their love via this event.”

How to Take Part in DR Kiss Cam Contest?
Darry Ring invites all true love couples from all over the world to participate in the DR Kiss Cam Contest even though it primarily targets the United States, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Couples only need to visit TikTok from February 10 to 15, 2023 (GMT-8) to take photos with the DR KissCam filter. Share the photos you took on Tiktok and @darryring_official + Hashtag #DRKissCam. Also, to pass on the happy moment, you need to @ one of your friends to invite them to participate in the DR Kiss Cam Contest.

All participants will get a Virtual DR True Love Commitment Medal following the event, according to the official website. On February 17, 2023 (GMT-8), Darry Ring will provide DR Forever Wedding Rings to the participants who receive the most blessings (the top 1-2 of the number of likes on the posted picture) as a means of saying thanks to the couples who have consistently supported and believed in the brand. The participants with the top 3 to 16 likes will receive an Instant Camera. A Physical DR True Love Commitment Medal for the top 50 participants. Please visit the DR Kiss Cam Contest event page for complete guidelines.

DR Forever Wedding Rings
The couple wedding rings are from DR Forever Collection that signifies that true love is as eternal as diamonds. The distinctive feature of this DR Forever Wedding Rings is that both the male rings (with a black diamond on top) and female rings (with a white diamond on top) have a half-heart outline carved on the ring band. When worn by lovers, they can unite to form a completed heart, signifying that you complete me. With this vision in mind, Darry Ring wishes that DR couples will never forget their original firm choice, and work together to get through any challenges they may face in the future.

What is DR True Love Medal?
There are four components that make up the DR True Love Medal - understanding, commitment, loyalty, and companionship - represent each step on the path to a lasting relationship for couples. Darry Ring introduced the True Love Medal to help couples make more romantic moments along the path to true love. A four-leaf clover necklace out of the four medals will be created by Darry Ring for users who light up all four medals as a present to congratulation.

If you agree with the true love culture and want to join Darry Ring to spread more love stories; or if you wish to leave a record of your exclusive sweet moments on the most romantic day in 2023, come and participate in the DR Kiss Cam Contest during February 10th to February 15th (GMT-8) in 2023 on TikTok!

About Darry Ring
Darry Ring ( is a high-end jewelry brand that specializes in diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Since its inception in 2010, Darry Ring has set up a unique brand culture that Once In A Lifetime Diamond For Your Once In A Lifetime Love, which is designed to encourage people to express love and make a lifetime commitment. The unique brand culture has quickly set Darry Ring apart from other similar brands and is considered the most romantic rule in the world.

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Darry Ring
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