Eden's Moving Services Explains How Not To Get Scammed By A Long-Distance Moving Company

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When considering a long-distance move, it is important to ask questions about the company's licensing, safety procedures, storage options, and other services.

Do your research, ask plenty of questions, and never pay more than a small deposit upfront. Don't get scammed on your cross-country move. Be smart and take the time to find the right mover for you!”
— Eli B.
DENVER, COLORADO, USA, February 3, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- When it comes to moving across the country, it pays to be prepared and informed. With so many long-distance moving companies out there, how does one know which one is reliable?

As Denver-based long-distance moving company Eden's Moving Services explains: "It is one's responsibility and due diligence when considering a cross-country move to complete a thorough check of long-distance moving companies before booking. The last thing a person wants is to get scammed!"

Here are some tips for avoiding scams when choosing a long-distance moving company:

Asking Lots of Questions Helps
Ask the moving company to provide detailed references and proof of insurance. Make sure to ask about their licensing, safety procedures, storage options, and other services they offer. It is also important to research the company's track record and if it's a carrier or a broker.

Research the Company
Make sure the company has a good reputation in the industry and that they have been around for a while. Check customer reviews online and ask friends and family who have moved before if they can recommend any reliable companies.

Hire a Denver-Based Long Distance Moving Company
When possible, hire local companies that are based in the Denver Metro Area, not in another state. They will likely have more experience with navigating their local terrain and understanding any regulations that may apply to the upcoming move.

Request a Free In-Home Walkthrough
A reputable moving company should always be willing to come out and do an in-home walkthrough at no cost. This allows them to accurately estimate what the move will cost without any hidden fees or surprises down the line.
Get Everything in Writing

Make sure that all agreements with the company are clearly outlined in writing and signed by both parties before anything else is done. This includes information about costs, services provided, insurance coverage, timelines for delivery, etc.

Make Sure The Quote Is Binding Not To Exceed
Asking for a binding not to exceed estimate from the mover — this means that even if more weight is added during packing or other unexpected costs arise during transit, the final bill cannot exceed the original estimate given by the mover unless additional services were requested after signing of documents.

Never Pay The Entire Amount Up Front
Never pay a large sum of money upfront — instead, most movers require an initial deposit of no more than $200 plus payment upon pickup and delivery of goods at the destination (typically half and half). If a mover insists on a 20%-30% deposit upon reservation or payment in full before loading items onto the truck, then this could be a sign of potential fraud or scamming activities, so proceed with caution.
Be Wary Of Low Estimates

Last but not least — if someone offers an incredibly low estimate over the phone compared to other estimates received in person, then this could also be another sign of potential fraud or scamming activities as well, so proceed with caution.

A Brief Conclusion
As Eden's Moving Services explains, "It's important for customers to understand their rights when it comes to hiring a long-distance mover – don't feel pressured into making quick decisions! Take the time researching different companies and make sure everything is clearly outlined in writing before signing anything."

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