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Inaugural ‘Members Sync’ event fills guest list, announces special artist appearance

The celebration and networking gathering at the City Club of L.A., closes public RSVP, and announces special guests Tank and the Bangas and Brian Bailey

Being Grammy nominated is still very surreal.”
— Jared “MK Zulu” Bailey
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 2, 2023 / -- The first inaugural ‘Members Sync’ event tomorrow, February 3rd, is a gathering to foster connections and conversation between GRAMMY members, nominees and artists from across the country, has announced new appearances by special guests and a featured artist. The already-impressive guest list has expanded to include Tavia Osbey, Tarriona Ball and Joshua Johnson (all nominees for Best Progressive R&B Album); Jared “MK Zulu” Bailey (nominee for Best Contemporary Classical Composition); Armand Hutton (Nashville chapter vice president and nominee for Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Capella); and world-famous New Orleans musical outfit Tank and the Bangas.

The event has been moved to The Hollywood Room to accommodate capacity, say co-hosts Pride Interactive Music Group and the District of Columbia Office of Cable Television, Music and Entertainment; only GRAMMY nominees and governors are being added to the guest list at this time. The hosts also announce the appearance of artist-entrepreneur Brian Bailey at Members Sync. Bailey, a rising force on the Washington, D.C. fine arts scene, will paint a new work live at the event; and the painting will later be donated to the Grammy Museum.

Members Sync provides an opportunity for a diverse slice of the ever-growing entertainment industry to connect in meaningful conversations about the future of their craft. But unlike a professional development event or conference, the event will offer a relaxed and social atmosphere for members to celebrate this year’s class of nominees. While the event is specifically tailored to bring together industry professionals from across the country, Members Sync will bring the distinct spirit of the D.C. Day Party to L.A. for a day, with beats spun live by “D.C.’s Club King” DJ Money, a noted Washington social entrepreneur, international touring artist and Raheem DeVaughn collaborator.

“I am excited to connect members of the D.C. Grammy Chapter to fellow members and industry professionals across the country,” writes Aaron Myers, CEO of Pride Interactive Media Group and Washington DC Recording Academy Chapter Governor. “It’s my hope that, when releasing new music, artists will consider spending time in D.C., while also welcoming D.C. artists to their communities.”

Other confirmed attendees include GRAMMY nominees Starr Parodi, Jim Anderson + Ulrike Schwarz (currently nominated for Picturing the Invisible in the Immersive Sound Category), Ethelbert Miller (currently nominated in Poetry) and Kitt Wakely (nominated for Best Classical Compendium). A number of former Grammy winners will be in attendance including Sangeeta Kaur, a member of the Texas Board of Governors and 2024 GRAMMY awardee.

“Being Grammy nominated is still very surreal,” remarks Jared “MK Zulu” Bailey. “I always knew I would get to this point, but I never imagined it would be for a category like Best Contemporary Classical Composition. For me, it’s just further confirmation that God honors your dreams if you work for them, even if it’s not how you planned.”

Joining D.C. O.C.T.F.M.E. in sponsoring the event is the internationally renowned DC Jazz Festival, along with a number of respected businesses including Lion Pack Music Group, Her Dreams Productions, Number Nine, Trade and Black Planet Music. Individual sponsors include Jan Adams, Karima Woods, Sharon Sims, Gloria Nauden, Julio Rivas, Tom Sweeny, Stephanie Saturni, Claude Bailey and Jackie Bradford.

Members Sync Event
02.03.2023 • 2pm-5pm
City Club of Los Angeles • 555 Flower Street 51st Floor
* RSVPs now limited to GRAMMY governors and nominees *


Nia Rice
Pride Interactive Music Group