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CrafterCMS Strengthens Digital Experience Composition Capabilities with Expanded Marketplace

Headless CMS and composable DXP leader expands its Marketplace with over 60 reusable and open source plugins, blueprints, and packaged business capabilities.

CrafterCMS users now get access to over 60 pre-built components that enable them to quickly build and deploy a wide variety of modern experiences”
— Russ Danner, VP Products, CrafterCMS

MCLEAN, VA, USA, February 1, 2023 / -- CrafterCMS, the leading headless CMS for composing digital experiences, today announced that its Marketplace now includes over 60 open source plugins, blueprints, and packaged business capabilities (PBCs). The new and expanded CrafterCMS Marketplace provides a key component that delivers on the promise of what many industry analysts are now calling digital experience composition (DXC), enabling business users and content teams to easily compose digital experiences using no-code tools and pre-built, best-of-stack integrations and plugins.

“CrafterCMS serves as an ideal headless CMS for a composable digital experience platform (DXP) strategy," said Russ Danner, VP of Products and CrafterCMS. "The recent expansion of our Marketplace of reusable plugins and integrations enables business users to easily compose digital experiences. CrafterCMS users now get access to over 60 pre-built components that enable them to quickly build and deploy a wide variety of modern experiences, ranging from personalized enterprise websites, customer-facing mobile apps, e-commerce experiences, and OTT video apps for both the web and smart TVs."

“At the heart of composability is the idea that a business user can assemble a solution based on PBCs,” continued Danner. “This implies that PBCs can communicate and collaborate through loosely-coupled means such as events — and critically, that composing digital experiences from them is a no-code activity. Furthermore, it should be possible to assemble sophisticated, modern solutions that are not pre-defined or constrained by the PBC’s creators”

CrafterCMS provides leading enterprises with a modern headless CMS for digital experience composition. A visual content authoring experience combined with a marketplace of reusable PBCs allows content creators to compose engaging digital experiences for all types of digital channels. Moreover, CrafterCMS provides a Git-based content repository and support for DevContentOps processes that enable frictionless collaboration between content authors, software developers and IT operations teams, enabling dramatic productivity improvements when compared to other traditional and headless CMS solutions.

About CrafterCMS

CrafterCMS enables a new era of fast, agile and easier development of high-performance, large-scale and ultra-secure content-centric digital experiences that benefits large enterprises and fast-growing startups. Unlike other headless CMSs built around a database and fixed APIs, CrafterCMS's Git-based content repository, decoupled architecture with extensible APIs, private SaaS, and open source business model with true only-pay-for-what-you-need pricing delivers higher productivity for developers, faster editing and publishing cycle times for content teams, stronger security and easier compliance for ops, and a better ROI for finance. Enterprises can choose from options that include SaaS, self-hosted with enterprise support, and community-supported free open source. Learn more about our enterprise solutions at and our open source project at

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