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Exceptional Beings: The Intense Action Fantasy Psychological Drama is available to stream now and on DVD

Exceptional Beings- The Eye of Athena

Exceptional Beings

Gods Among us

Athena Apollo Hermes Poseidon

Gods Among us

Exceptional Beings

The movie is a rejuvenating dance of thought provoking themes, which keeps you wanting more.

There was a time, we walked the earth as the gods we were. Humans built temples and bowed to the air we left behind. Then came the truce and we were replaced by celebrities.”
— Hermes
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2023 / -- Exceptional Beings is an allegorical character perspective on the concept of being a god in relation to human existence. The plot follows Greek Gods, Athena and Hermes, who begin to question their Godhood, when they encounter Mina, a woman with an uncanny essence that does not conform to their four thousand years of knowledge. They journey through her existence, as it relates to their desperate need to understand answers to questions, they never believed existed.

The movie weighs heavier on the humanity or should I say Godly drama, the action and fantasy elements are perfectly injected to accentuate the story. The characters of the feature are based on Njedeh Anthony’s novel, Godhood. The acting in the movie is phenomenal, the actors Ciarra Carter, Dane Oliver, Rachel Thundat, Victoria Antonelli and the indomitable Eric Roberts, elevate the movie to a beautiful addiction. It was a crazy mind bending ride that plays with the recycled drama of Gods in modern times. It will keep you wanting more, and the best part of it, is its originality.

Exceptional Beings is directed by Njedeh Anthony and Christian Kazadi. The production companies are The Gestalt Effect and FJ Morgan.

Njedeh Anthony is a Nigerian born author of 12 novels, he wrote, directed and produced Exceptional Beings, this is his second feature, the first is, "Creatures of Necessity."

Christian Kazadi is a South African Director/Cinematographer of Exceptional Beings, this is his second movie as a director, the first is "Creatures of Necessity."

Justin Morgan is the Production Designer/Producer of Exceptional Beings and the head of FJ Morgan productions

The movie is available to stream in North America on Amazon, iTunes, Spectrum, Apple TV and available on DVD

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