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Our Newest Y-Track Spinner Hanger Blast System

Spinner Hanger Shot / Grit Blaster

Y Track Spinner Hanger Blast System

Inside Blast Cabinet

Unified Technologies introduces the newest in its line of industrial shot blast systems the TD377 Y-Track Spinner Hanger Blast System

PAINESVILLE, OHIO, USA, January 31, 2023 / -- The TD377 Y-Track Spinner Hangers are very efficient as you can load and unload parts while the machine is blasting another batch of parts. This unit allows for automatic blasting during the blast cycle. Two blast wheels blast the top, side and bottom of the parts, as the fixture/parts rotate giving thorough 360 degree coverage. Unlike a tumble blaster their is no part-on-part contact during blasting. The blast chamber is lined with abrasive resistant materials. It also has a blast media recycling system that takes the blast media using an auger from the bottom of the cabinet to the top using a bucket elevator. Then the blast media cascades over an air-wash separator, which cleans the blast media before it goes into the storage hopper. Then when the cycle starts the media gate valve opens, and it blast onto the sub-straight, and this cycle is recycled over and over until it breaks down. During this recycling the blast media is cleaned as the dust collector pulls broken media, dust and other contaminants from the blast media. Unified Technologies offers a full line of industrial blast cleaning machines, and we offer an extensive line of replacement parts.

About shot blasting: This is a process for the removal of contaminants and impurities from the surfaces of metals and steel. Though the term shot blasting is all encompassing, other words are used to describe the process, such as grit blasting, abrasive blasting, peening, and media blasting. Which descriptor is used depends on the machine’s manufacturer or the main use of the machine.

It is easy to get the terms sandblasting and shot blasting confused since they seem to describe the same function. Sandblasting uses compressed air to shoot some form of abrasive against a surface. The shot blasting process is built around centrifugal force to propel media at a surface and is a far more aggressive operation than sandblasting.

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