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April Dávila, Acclaimed Author, Dispels Fears that AI will Replace Human Artists

April Dávila

Although very useful, AI will never be able to replace human ingenuity.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, February 3, 2023 / -- April Dávila, internationally renowned novelist, dispels worries that AI would replace professional artists. Some fear that conventional artists will lose their jobs as CHATGPT, and other AI software continues to dominate new sectors and industries. AI software is quick, precise, and generally affordable, giving traditional artists a lot to contend with, informs Dávila. Like many artists working in their industries, Dávila says she was initially intimidated by the new technology, but that feeling soon waned.

“Like most people raised on science fiction depicting humans as squishy batteries farmed to power machine overlords, my initial response to the rise of AI in creative spaces was one of fear and distrust. When AI can create art, will we still need artists? The answer I've come to is a resounding yes. Because art is not about what is produced so much as it is the process of creation,” says Dávila.

CHATGPT and other AI can be a game-changer for many writers. This software can create original articles on almost anything by quickly exploring online resources and using remarkably high grammar and writing skills. The convenience and accuracy AI offers may make the necessity for traditional content creators seem obsolete. However, Dávila claims that despite the product's simplicity, human ingenuity is still required and cannot be duplicated. The advantages of adopting artificial intelligence (AI) for artistic works will be outweighed by people's inherent need and desire to create beautiful things, which is different from a machine, she adds.

“When cameras were invented, we no longer needed humans to draw and paint images, and yet people continued to do so. To be an artist is to live a life of curiosity and transformation,” says Dávila.

Since its launch in late November, CHATGPT has caused a stir in just about every industry. Although proficient, the technology is not a viable replacement for artists. According to Profolus, the technology has several flaws, including errors, ambiguity, and a lack of understanding of recent events. The issue of ethics is also brought up. Another shortcoming of AI technology is that it lacks a human touch, says Dávila.

“Art in any form is an emotional and deeply personal undertaking, much more about the process than the final product. AI can create products (web copy, data files, even images), but only humans can be artists,” explains Dávila.

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