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Supercar Sharing® secures EU trademark rights in over 30 countries

Supercar Sharing - Secures trademark rights in over 30 countries

Zurich-based technology and automotive platform Supercar Sharing AG, secures expansion and trademark rights in over 30 countries

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, January 23, 2023 / -- As the name of the company suggests, Supercar Sharing® specializes in sharing luxury and sports cars. The sports car industry has suffered in recent years in terms of innovation, with most of the investment in the "shared mobility" sector going to the benefit of commercial sharing providers for vehicles in the medium and low-price segments. Independently, Supercar Sharing® in the field of "Co-Ownership” of exceptional vehicles, has become increasingly well-known among vehicle collectors and sports car enthusiasts in the Swiss and international automotive industry.

The innovation: For a fraction of the purchase price of a sports car, one can acquire a collection of exclusive vehicles for one's own use via the platform, while also conserving ecological resources. The majority of customers are therefore business travelers, expats, entrepreneurs, directors and collectors, who not only save capital for their passion through this business model, but also time and space for their beloved vehicles. Supercar Sharing operates its own locations where they store and professionally manage the portfolio vehicles of brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren and Aston-Martin for their sharing customers. Currently, over 800 members have joined the platform. Using a sophisticated system, vehicle co-owners can book their sports cars online via app and have them ready for use in perfect condition. In addition to vehicle co-ownership, Supercar Sharing® also allows subscribing and renting high-end luxury and sports cars.

With the introduction of the Supercar Sharing® franchise license, garages, sports car dealers and experienced entrepreneurs have for some time now been able to use the Supercar Sharing® licensed brand, the system and its infrastructure for their own business and open their own stores and showrooms under the Supercar Sharing® brand.

As a technology supplier to the automotive industry, Supercar Sharing® has held licensing and trademark rights in the UK since October 2022. Now, after several months of litigation, the company also has the trademark right as a Union Trademark for Supercar Sharing® in 29 other countries. This opens many doors and new investments in the field of "Premium Shared-Mobility".

"For Supercar Sharing and our demanding customers this means, more market security, additional location planning at the most beautiful destinations, secured brand exclusivity, more options and more vehicles for club members. At the same time, the high service standard and our Supercar Sharing typical quality, uniform branding as well as trained customer service around Europe is guaranteed. This development will benefit the entire Supercar Sharing community." - Deivis H. Valdes CEO & Founder - Supercar Sharing AG

The protected license brand enables franchisees, for example, to professionally offer co-ownership-based vehicles and rental vehicles as well as system use of the rapidly growing license brand. The lifestyle regions of Europe in particular, including London, Monaco, St. Tropez and Mallorca, are of interest to franchisees and investors from the luxury and automotive industries.
With nearly 100,000 page views in 2022, has become an important haven for sports car enthusiasts, yet it is only at the beginning of the shared mobility mega trend and only in the early stages of the sports car co-ownership segment.

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