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Breaking The Glass Ceiling: Violetta Gavriyelov Strengthens the Youth's Future in Health and Fitness Through Gym Tots NY

Violetta Gavriyelov Founder & Children's Fitness Instructor of Gym Tots On Wheels

Violetta's Fit Family

A love for fitness and passion for educating children evolved into an innovative idea that impacted families in Queens, New York.

Everyone is born with a talent. Once you find yours, bless the world with it and make a difference. That's my suggestion to others. ”
— Violetta Gavriyelov
MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 23, 2023 / -- Dedicated to making a difference in the Queens community, Violetta Gavriyelov is unleashing her potential as a mother, wife and a successful children's fitness instructor. The world tried to tame her, but Gavriyelov's drive, passion and reluctance is impacting her community. She has a master's degree in early childhood special education and is a specialist who disrupts the health and wellness industry with her fun obstacle courses and personalized approaches to fitness. The founder of Gym Tots on Wheels is on a mission to instill self-confidence and develop social skills in young children aged three and up to help them become strong leaders and adept thinkers. "I prefer quality over quantity–that's why my classes are limited," explains Gavriyelov. "I tailor my programs to ensure every child receives the attention and guidance they need in each session." She shares her inspiring story of how she impacted the lives of her students and their families in an interview. "I prefer quality over quantity–that's why my classes are limited," explains Gavriyelov. "I tailor my programs to ensure every child receives the attention and guidance they need in each session."

Liana Zavo: We're honored to have you! Can you share some snippets about your story?

Violetta Gavriyelov: When I was young, I had a learning disability that made education harder. I was bullied because of it, but I proved to myself that I could do anything I set my mind to. I became a special needs teacher because I understood that children have different learning approaches. It became my desire to teach and help them acquire skills crucial for their growth and development. So, I started Gym Tots on Wheels and went from daycare to daycare. But the pandemic happened, leading to children's lack of physical activity at home. They began to gain weight and suffered from anxiety and depression. I knew I had to do something, so I revamped my basement and turned it into a boutique gym. I started with my own kids, nieces, and nephews. I cleaned and sanitized my equipment daily and followed standard protocols. However, I was the only one who did not require students to wear masks because it made breathing difficult during exercise. My program was unique and made a difference in the community, parents were happy with the results. It kept kids physically and socially active, improving their physique and strengthening their communication skills.

 LZ: In today's trend, only about 20% of companies have women founders. What is holding women back from founding companies?

VG: It is because of the many responsibilities of being a wife and a mother. As a mom of three wonderful children, it takes time and energy to care for the family. My priorities were different back then. But as my children got older, my mindset also changed. I am at this stage where I am physically and mentally ready to become my own boss. Every woman deserves to make themselves happy by doing something that makes them feel accomplished.

LZ: What are some myths about being a founder that you think should be dispelled?

VG: People think women are not strong enough and are bound to fail; that's why women get discouraged from even trying in the first place. Women should rise and prove themselves in any industry. Another myth says you must be 100% involved in managing the business–not true. You can always delegate. It boils down to surrounding yourself with the right people; they will help you reach your goals. That is why I am genuinely grateful for my husband, Ruben, who has been by my side and always believed in me–he is my biggest support. Having people like my husband helped me overcome challenges in life.

LZ: What are the things you wish someone had told you before you started?

VG: When I started my business, I used to think that pleasing everyone was an effective way of growing the business. I was wrong. You can never please everyone and they will always find something negative about you. At that time, I started hearing rumors about my courses being too expensive. But it was already a bargain since I offered complimentary water, snacks, and sibling discounts, which other facilities did not. I learned to ignore the naysayers and kept doing what I loved instead. I wish I had been firmer and more business oriented when I started. Although I have worked with kids for over a decade, starting as a classroom teacher, director, ABA and SEITS therapist, running a business was an entirely different landscape. I had to learn how to negotiate the hard way in dealing with difficult clients.

LZ: How did you use your success to improve the world?

VG: My obstacle courses instilled confidence in children, helping them to believe in their abilities and think creatively. I educated them on healthy eating habits and hygiene and explained what this specific workout did to their bodies. As a result, they returned to their homes feeling invigorated and more self-aware. Parents noticed these improvements and were compelled to join my adult training session.

LZ: Is there a person in the world who has inspired you?

VG: Yes! Katy Hearn is a wife and mom who started with nothing and grew her business to the next level. She inspired me to become ambitious by going big and having my business franchised in the next five years. I want to create a wellness center for the youth that will be a one-stop shop for them to learn how to care for their mind and body. They can enjoy more classes like yoga, Zumba and nutrition classes that will create the next generation of healthy and confident kids, teens, and young adults.

Gavriyelov's unique journey embodies passion, creativity, and resilience as she rises to the occasion. Her dedication to molding the future of the young generation created ripples of change and positivity. Her brand stands on resilience and authenticity as she continues to impact children of all abilities in Queens.

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