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The Journey of Next-Gen Evidence Based Medicine in Genomics and Proteomics 2023 - MarketsandMarkets Conferences

Next-Gen Genomics and Proteomics Conference

Next-Gen Genomics and Proteomics Conference

Leading our way back to the ambitious research collaboration, Human Genome Project has paved ways in transforming biology and biological discovery.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, UNITED KINGDOM, January 20, 2023 / -- Recent developments in data science, machine learning, and wearable technology have started to transform evidence-based medicine, providing an aggressive look into the future of next-generation "deep" medicine. Clinical translations in key areas of medicine are behind schedule despite astounding improvements in underlying science and technology. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed systemic limits in the clinical trial landscape, but it also led to some beneficial adjustments, including new trial designs and a move toward a more patient-centric and intuitive evidence-generation approach.

Over the past 30 years, scientific research has made unmatched trends from a better understanding of the pathophysiology of fundamental disease processes to the atomic-level dissection of cellular machinery to the creation of therapies that can change the course and outcome of diseases in all fields of medicine. These developments have been accelerated by exponential advances in artificial intelligence, genomics, immunology, proteomics, gut microbiomes, epigenetics and more.

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With this, the Human Genome Project has pioneered the way in altering biology and biological discovery, which leads back to ambitious research cooperation. That is why the principles of genomics and proteomics have established themselves as an essential tool in medical research and novel diagnostic techniques. Rapid advancements in high throughput technology for genetic and proteomic profiling have contributed to the much-anticipated development of tailored treatment for complicated disorders.

The MarketsandMarkets Next-Gen Genomics and Proteomics Conference will incorporate a variety of talks on functional genomics, organellar proteomics in biomedicine, applied and translational genomics, epigenomics in systems biology, immune phenotyping using flow cytometry, and Immuno metabolic markers.

The Next-Gen Genomics and Proteomics Conference, organized by MarketsandMarkets, is scheduled to be held on March 9–10, 2023, at ILEC Conference Centre & Ibis London Earls Court, London. The conference will incorporate a variety of sessions on Functional genomics and Organellar Proteomics in Biomedicine, Applied and Translational genomics, Epigenomics in Systems Biology, Immune Phenotyping - Flowcytometry and Immuno Metabolic Markers - Polygenic Risk Scores, Next Generation Sequencing and Single Cell Sequencing for Disease Diagnosis, Electrospray Mass Spectrometry-based Biomarkers, Multidimensional Liquid Chromatography in Clinical The gathering includes networking opportunities, panel talks, and services geared toward genomics and proteomics research. The conference will bring together a wide range of professionals, decision-makers, and stakeholders to discuss breakthrough research and development in the field of multi-Omics research.



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