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The Analogy of Comedy and Mental Health: An Inspiring Conversation with Mike Marino and Kevin Donaldson

Kevin Donaldson An Advocate for Mental Health in Law Enforcement

Comedy and mental health led to a thought-provoking subject on the effects and immense price a law enforcement officer absorbs as it pertains to mental health.

Out of a bad situation comes hope.”
— Kevin Donaldson

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2023 / -- The conversation regarding mental health has taken various forms as of late. Hearing from Shaquille O’Neal addressing mental health as an on-going problem and in recent years comedy specials that tackle mental health on Netflix. This is a clear depiction of how mental health does not discriminate, affects everyone in one shape or form, and can be discussed and brought to the table providing awareness and healing. No one is left behind.

Fusing comedy and mental health evokes a sense of healing for law enforcement officers to take their mind off the tragedies they see daily that cause an immense amount of trauma that lays deep within internally. Mike Marino who has been a proud supporter of those serving on the front lines, first responders, law enforcement, and many more charities across the world clearly showed this in his nationwide podcast show Live from My Mother’s Basement as he sat with retired law enforcement officer Kevin Donaldson.

Combining comedy and mental health led to a very thought-provoking subject on the effects and immense price a law enforcement officer absorbs as it pertains to their mental health. Kevin Donaldson leaves it all on the table and shares his story. Kevin suffered a traumatic shooting event while serving as an active law enforcement officer that caused him to see the darkest of times as he battled with alcohol addiction, suicidal attempts, depression, and more. At that time Kevin felt isolated, not understanding what was going on around him, and now to come full circle is an advocate for mental health especially in the police world.

Kevin continues his path to publicly bring awareness to mental health by sharing his powerful story. As he advocates for mental health through public speaking, his podcast The Suffering Podcast consistently ranks at the top 1% globally, and now is co-authoring a book titled Man You Are Crazy with former homicide investigator Chris Anderson, the television star of The First 48 and Investigation Discovery's true crime show Reasonable Doubt. This book is yet another catalyst that will bring the attention to what law enforcement officers go through and the silent battle they face with mental health. Kevin eloquently states, “Out of a bad situation comes hope”. This is exactly what he is doing through his story and addressing a wide array of things, so other law enforcement officers do not feel alone in this journey towards hope.

According to the Community Oriented Policing Services a component of the United States Department of Justice, The Law Enforcement Mental Health and Wellness Act of 2017 (LEMHWA) was signed into law in January 2018, recognizing that law enforcement agencies need and deserve support in their ongoing efforts to protect the mental health and well-being of their employees. Now, Kevin is taking it one step further with Detective Chris Anderson by bridging their stories, how the job slowly chipped away at their souls, and ensuring that no one feels that darkness Kevin once felt years ago. These two trailblazers are co-authoring Man You Are Crazy and look to make significant impact and change to how mental health is perceived in the police world.

Jessica Dalby
Jessica Dalby Brand Media