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Brand new YouTube account COLOURS of JAPAN allows international travelers to experience Japan like locals



Video: Strawberry season in Japan

Video: Strawberry season in Japan

Video: 3 insider tips for Harajuku

Video: 3 insider tips for Harajuku

Now that the borders have been reopened, the newly launched YouTube channel COLOURS of JAPAN offers English-speaking tourists an insider's view of Japan.

TOKYO, JAPAN, January 20, 2023 / -- For many travelers, Japan is initially overwhelming: the possibilities seem almost endless. Nevertheless, more and more people are looking for a trip as an authentic experience rather than as a visit to packed-out tourist hotspots. YouTube is a popular platform for planning upcoming trips - but you can't always rely on the recommendations of first-time travelers who have also had first to find their way around Tokyo and Japan. This is precisely where the brand new COLOURS of JAPAN channel comes in. It shows a Japan that a tourist would never experience without the help of locals.

Whether it's a well-known hotspot, an up-and-coming district, authentic local food, or traditional customs: the young presenters aim to show Tokyo and Japan the way best friends would do. They guide viewers with personal recommendations and favorite places away from usual tourist activities. They show Japan in a way tourists wouldn't expect, enabling them to feel at home in Japan. The presenters live in Tokyo, but as all of them have an international background, they can imagine themselves as first-time visitors to Japan.

COLOURS of JAPAN is an ambitious and international team with marketing and TV expertise. The topics of the different videos are diverse, ranging from hidden gems in various parts of the city to seasonal foods not easily discovered without the help of locals. Each video lasts about 10 minutes and is an exciting mix of detailed footage, authentic insider tips, and helpful information for travelers to Japan. In addition to recommending activities, there are compelling insights into Japanese tradition and culture.

Japanese people, as well as visitors from abroad, can also benefit from the channel and experience their home country in a completely new way through the very personal recommendations of the presenters.

New videos are uploaded every two weeks, with various YouTube-Shorts of condensed information to save and use again.

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