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Astrolink shows how the stars influenced the separation of Shakira and Piqué

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Astrolink shows the differences and common ground of the 2 superstars and how they were influenced by Astrology

FLORIANOPOLIS, SANTA CATARINA, BRAZIL, January 18, 2023 / -- Shakira is breaking all of the records with her new BZRP Music Session Vol. 53. Within 24 hours of its premiere, the video clip had already reached 50 million views on YouTube, making the Colombian the most viewed Latin singer on the platform in one day, surpassing Luis Fonsi's "Despacito".

This is why the controversy of Shakira, Pique and Clara Chía is being talked about around the world. To give a more objective approach to the novel of the moment, it can be analyzed from an astrological perspective.

The Colombian and the former Spanish soccer player separated after having lived eleven years of relationship. What is striking about this couple is that they both have the same date of birth, February 2, but are separated by 10 years.

This astrological curiosity has set up a strong union between the two of them. It lasted from 2011, when they initiated their relationship after meeting at the World Cup in South Africa, until the beginning of 2022, with two children in common.

The surprising thing is that even though they were both born on the same day, their natal charts are very different. Shakira is an Aquarius with an Aries ascendant and Piqué with a Sagittarius ascendant. Two signs of fire that show great intensity in emotions, configuring two determined people who run after their dreams, are independent, autonomous and can be explosive in some situations.

Shakira's Aries ascendant is the one that is probably the engine of her decisions. She doesn't care about criticism and expresses what she feels. But, although it seems that She acts without thinking, Aquarius is an air sign, very thoughtful and intelligent and who pays attention to all the details. This can be seen reflected in his lyrics where She makes multiple references to his relationship with the former soccer player.

“In a marriage like this we can imagine that strong opinions and convictions will have been expressed. It is very likely that their discussions would be very passionate, which could have generated more attraction and union, or else have triggered the limit to be reached, because they are two strong personalities”, assured Rafael Parigi, marketing director of the specialized platform Astrolink.

“This is intensified when we analyze their lunar positions. Shakira has the Moon in Cancer, which gives her a much more emotional and brotherly air than Piqué, with her Moon in Aries, which fosters her passions and her willpower. In a relationship, this can show a much more sensitive side of the Colombian artist than the Spanish one, who may have different emotional needs,” added Parigi.

Shakira's Cancer moon is reflected in many moments in the lyrics of the song. Above all, when she alludes to "people who seem good, but are not". On the other hand, at minute 2:22, he makes the gesture with which Piqué dedicated the goals to him, being that the 2, within the numerology, represents "the couple".

On the other hand, as for Piqué, his Moon in Aries has probably been the one that has led him to follow his passions, regardless of the consequences. Likewise, your rising in Sagittarius creates the energetic pulse in your being, which leads you to feel the need for freedom and to explore new possibilities, in this case, applied to relationships. That may give a clue as to why Pique chose infidelity as an option. In addition, in your astral chart, it can be seen that you have a very small amount of the Water element (which often provides that energy of a more empathetic and sensitive nature). In this way, it may be difficult for you to express yourself or have uncomfortable conversations related to love.

So, they both have very strong personalities and a lot to say. If you observe the moment in which they announced their separation, Jupiter entered Aries: this activated the Moon in Piqué's Aries. This movement surely encouraged him to take new paths, live new experiences and embark on a new journey to connect with himself. In addition, his direct transits showed Neptune squaring his natal conjunction Uranus - Venus, speaking of disappointment or disillusionment in affective matters for this period of his life. It should be noted that this couple had been affected by the last lunar eclipse that took place in Scorpio: in conjunction with the couple's Midheaven according to their Synastry (or called Composite Letter).

Therefore, analyzing all this data, it can be said that this couple has been affected by astrology at some point, and has not been able to overcome the energetic changes that occurred in their lives. Nor is it known whether any factor, such as monotony, habit, or emotional reason, has also been the cause of this separation. But what is certain is that Shakira has expressed her pain and anger in art, enabling the world, in some way, the possibility analyzing how she sees everything.

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