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Jewels of The Earth: Sexuality Empowerment by Rose Mari Grigsby

MISSION VIEJO, CA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2023 / -- As a teenager, Rose Mari Grigsby took writing as a way to express whatever feelings or thoughts that she 'dares not to vocalize'. This means of 'venting out' led her to become optimistic in life. As such, she desires to share this optimism with othersthrough her works.

Jewels of The Earth: Sexuality Empowerment, is a collection of prose that centers on a person's emotional growth and individuality. Rather than just merely existing within people's expectations. It provides a theme of hope that one day people will be able to overcome their respective 'invisible bars' that binds them to their own limitations, thus hindering them from acknowledging just how precious they are.

Grigsby sees everyone as 'Jewels', each one of their own unique shine. "This life of events is not just yours. This is my world too and so many others like us. So let me share my peace with you from one jewel to another." Grigsby says, as she expresses that everyone deserves peace in their mind as people are not just mere objects, but are conscious individuals that matter and have value especially to the ones that are always with them through their lives' journey.
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Jewels of the Earth: Sexuality Empowerment
By: Rose Mari Grigsby
Paperback |166555388X (ISBN-10) 978-1665553889 (ISBN-13)
Hardcover |1665553871 (ISBN-10) 978-1665553872 (ISBN-13)
Kindle |B0BBM4R9MB (ASIN)
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About the Author
Rose Mari Grigsby, a resident of Gary, Indiana, started writing when she was a teen as a method to convey the most private feelings and thoughts. In her work, she discovered clarity and hope, which finally inspired her to become a humanitarian.

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