HAZE Automotive Unveils at CES New Carbon Fiber Frame with AWOS Submersion Sensing Technology

Haze Vehicle Platform for Sports Cars

HAZE provides auto manufacturers vehicle frames equipped with the AWOS escape system allowing occupants to safely exit a vehicle filling with water.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, January 4, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- HAZE Automotive, a Canadian automotive parts manufacturer announces today at the Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas, Nevada, it has partnered with Montreal-based AWOS Technologies, creator of AWOS, to provide new submersion sensors in their frames that allows occupants to safely exit the vehicle during submersion by automatically lowering windows, while instantaneously connecting to emergency services.

“Made with a unique approach to carbon fiber, our vehicle frame can dramatically reduce the curb weight of the vehicle, thus extending the battery range. By integrating the AWOS submersion sensors into our frames, we are taking a major step towards making our vehicles even safer for our customers, especially in the context of autonomous technology,” says Sean Hazaray, CEO and founder of HAZE Automotive. “The ability to detect water in the vehicle cabin opens up new innovations to make vehicles safer and makes our platform a game-changer in the niche mobility market. This is particularly crucial for electric vehicles, given the complexity of high-voltage batteries and the importance of ensuring passenger safety.”

“Vehicle submersion claims the lives of tens of thousands of people every year,” says Shawn-Patrick Percher, CEO and co-founder of AWOS Technologies. “It’s terrifying to think that occupants have less than 60 seconds to exit the vehicle in a submersion”. Once a vehicle becomes submerged, electric windows fail and shatter-resistant glass makes manual tools obsolete, therefore trapping occupants in the vehicle. “We’re thrilled to partner with HAZE and provide vehicle frames with AWOS built-in. This will make the vehicles stronger and safer,” says Percher.

In recognition of the risks to occupant safety and to motivate automakers to integrate solutions to vehicle submersion, Euro NCAP and ANCAP (Australasia) have recently introduced new Rescue and Extrication safety ratings starting in 2023.

“We recognize the growing importance and need for vehicle submersion solutions in connected vehicles, and we’re excited to provide auto manufacturers with an integrated solution that will save lives”, says Hazaray.

About HAZE Automotive
Haze Automotive is a Canadian auto-tech firm founded in 2020, backed by Alchemist Accelerator and Oxford University. The company is focused on developing lighter and safer vehicles with improved performance, using next-generation materials with embedded sensors. Haze Automotive is helping niche sportscar firms with their vehicle frames made from carbon fiber, a material normally reserved for race cars. The company's mission is to democratize carbon fiber and make it available for everyday cars.

For all inquiries, please contact Haze Automotive at media@hazeautomotive.com

About AWOS Technologies
AWOS Technologies is a Canadian company founded in 2011 and the creator of the patented AWOS Automated Vehicle Escape System designed to prevent drowning in passenger vehicles. AWOS directly addresses new 2023 Euro NCAP & ANCAP safety ratings by rapidly detecting submersion and automatically lowering all side powers windows, enabling passengers to exit, and instantaneously notifying emergency responders. It is the only system optimized for both upright and inverted submersion and can be installed on new and used passenger vehicles. AWOS Technologies is privately funded and a proud member of the Automotive Safety Council. For more information, visit www.awostech.com or connect on LinkedIn.
(Note: Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht, the driver in the AWOS video, does not have financial interests in AWOS Technologies.)


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