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Rebecca J. McDow Graduates PENN

Rebeccca J McDow Graduates PENN

Co-Creator's Rebecca and Stephen McDow

The first show of 2023 is the nostalgia show covering life in the 80's and 90's. The idea was to highlight how similar all humans are...

This is community outreach and we don't want to get paid for it. We enjoy telling our stories and listening to stories from people around the world. We also picked up friends along the way!”
— Rebecca J. McDow

MONROVIA, MD, UNITED STATES , December 30, 2022 / -- Bi-polar Girl Podcast is now in its 4th season is a public service show working to tell the complex stories of living with a mental illness. Rebecca and Stephen McDow has been married for 18 years and works as a team to manage Rebecca's Bi-polar 2 diagnosis. Rebecca is a veteran, wife, mother, PENN graduate, and currently works full time as a public servant. Bi-polar Girl cover's a diverse set of issues related to mental illness and is heard in globally on almost every listening platform.

The first show of 2023 is the nostalgia show covering life in the 80's and 90's. The idea was to highlight how similar all humans are across regional, racial lines as well as across the diverse mental health community. The show marks their 54th episode and America's emerging mental health advocate couple is pleased to do the work.

The co-creator of Bi-Polar Girl Podcast continues her impressive work. She helped continue the Spence family legacy by turning their Martha's Vineyard cottage into the Top 14 two years in a row and the Trip Advisor's BEST Martha's Vineyard Cottage with Wheel Chair accessibility. She also wanted to honor her husband's family by attending and graduating PENN. This veteran, mom, wife, and super professional is truly an example for individuals with mental illness.

In a recent article from the University of Pennsylvania Rebecca said:

“Finishing my bachelor’s degree was a personal goal,” she shares. “I’m now the first college graduate in my family. Everybody either dropped out or stopped at high school, so it was definitely a personal goal to get it done.” A college degree would help her move up professionally. And something else motivated her, too. “I suffer with mental illness, and a lot of times people look at that and say that you can’t go further in life because your mental illness is going to hold you back. My degree was a way to prove to myself that, absolutely not, it’s not going to hold me back,” she affirms. Read Full PENN LPS Student Voices Article:


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