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Irish Song-greeting App Brings Support for Expats this Christmas as Flight Fares Rise

Huggnote founders smiling while standing in front of a Christmas tree

Huggnote founders - sisters Perry (L) and Jacqui (R) Meskell

Huggnote logo which shows Huggy - the Huggnote mascot - a cute character in a Christmas bow holding a pink music note and two music notes facing each other as though hugging

Huggnote has just released its limited edition Christmas themes

Huggnote founders and US entrepreneur David Meltzer

Huggnote won top prize on US TV's '2 Minute Drill' hosted by David Meltzer

Award-winning Irish ‘Holiday Hugging’ App is Music to Ears of Those Unable to be with Loved Ones this Christmas

I had the idea when I was an expat. Music is so powerful that users write to tell us how they cried when they received their HUGG. So you can feel that emotional support - from across the globe”
— Jacqui Meskell
IRELAND, December 22, 2022 / -- With many Oz and NZ expats unable to be with loved ones this Christmas and Christmas card deadlines passed – Irish song-greeting app brings emotional support.

Huggnote, an award-winning Irish start-up show top prize-winning start-up that turns much-loved songs into eco-friendly virtual hugs, has launched a ‘Merry Christmas’ release in Australia and New Zealand, ensuring those unable to be with loved ones can heartfelt greetings to friends/family–amid as flight fares rise. The app - which is currently in freemium BETA but soon to launch its full version – already has users in 204 countries. Founded by Irish sisters it uses the power of music to provide emotional support for those missing loved ones over the Holidays. The app includes themes from ‘Missing You this Christmas’ to ‘Happy New Year’ which can be sent to anyone, anywhere as multi-sensory experiences called HUGGs.

Founded by Irish sisters Jacqui and Perry Meskell, Huggnote originated as a user-need of Jacqui’s when she herself was living abroad as an ex-pat and so unable to be there for a friend of hers that was going through a difficult time. Then a song on the radio brought back many happy memories. “I heard the song and thought that if only there was a way to ‘digitally gift-wrap’ and send it to my friend, it would say everything words couldn’t” says founder and CEO Jacqui.

“And so that is what Huggnote does. We use music as the most powerful language on the planet to express any sentiment from ‘I Love You’ to ‘I’m Sorry’. Because music is so emotional. It’s a powerful re-kindler of memories and actually releases the same hormones as a physical hug. It’s perfect for anyone who may be unable to be there for loved ones this Christmas,” she says.

Huggnote is a web app so there’s nothing to download – designed to make sure that anyone, any age can easily send and receive HUGGs. “Users simply sign-up and choose from a curated list of songs for whatever you want to say – whether ‘Missing you this Christmas’ or Happy New Year‘, personalise with a message and send it as a ‘HUGG’ via text or messenger app” says Meskell. The recipient receives an alert they’ve been Hugged, which they can play straight away – whether they're signed up or not.

Huggnote also helps users dreaming of a green Christmas to offset their carbon foot-print - with 140g CO2 saved for every HUGG sent instead of a traditional Christmas card. “And the best part is that unlike other digital solutions Huggnote still has all the sentiment of a physical card – just with no downside! It only takes seconds to send anywhere in the world – but it’s deeply personal and much more emotional, with users regularly telling us they were moved to tears by their HUGG,” she says.

Based in Ireland expanding internationally - Huggnote has won numerous awards both in Ireland and internationally including winning the top $50k prize winner on US TV Show ‘2 Minute Drill’ hosted by legendary entrepreneur David Meltzer and broadcast on Bloomberg TV and Amazon Prime. Speaking after the win Meltzer was full of praise for the start-up. “Huggnote is one of those ideas that seems so obvious you wonder why nobody else has done it before. When I first heard Jacqui speak about her passion for Huggnote’s mission, it resonated with me immediately. As a sports executive and former athlete myself, I’ve long understood the power of music to motivate and energize athletes, and now Huggnote is harnessing that same power for everyone. With users in every country in the world, Huggnote’s potential to create a happier and more connected world is clear.” Huggnote is also an alumni of the US based Mozilla Builders accelerator for early-stage start-ups for which it won an award for its potential to 'fix the internet' and earlier this year beat 160 UK and Irish start-ups to win ‘Best Pitch’ and ‘Product Most Likely to Use’ at the UK based Hotbed accelerator demo day.

Huggnote, which is free to use while in BETA can be accessed via the company’s website or from receiving a HUGG from someone else. Users can select from a number of themes including ‘Merry Christmas’ ‘Missing You this Christmas’ and ‘Mistletoe Kisses’ and ‘Happy New Year’.

And all while being a little kinder to the planet too! What could be merrier than that!

To send Merry Christmas or Happy New Year HUGGs to friends/family for FREE – go to


Award-winning Huggnote is founded by Irish sisters Jacqui and Perry Meskell. The start-up, which is currently in BETA is one of Ireland’s fastest growing start-ups and has users in 204 countries. Named one of Ireland’s top 50 Most Ambitious Start-Ups, it has won numerous awards including from Google and the Mozilla ‘Builders’ Award for companies with the ‘potential to fix the internet’. Last year the company won the top prize on US TV Show ‘Two Minute Drill’ on Bloomberg TV and Amazon Prime. It has also won awards for its social and sustainable impact. Ends.

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