Splendourr's Relationship Coaching Program Helps Women Overcome Love, Marriage & Relationship Challenges

The multicultural relationship, leadership & self-transformation consultancy empowers women struggling in relationships with an innovative coaching program

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, December 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Splendourr- the Australian relationship, leadership, and self-transformation consultancy on a mission to strengthen families by helping multicultural women develop healthy, deeply enriching, and loving relationships in contemporary society – is proud to offer an innovative coaching program specifically designed for multicultural and minority women struggling in relationships.

Multicultural and minority women often encounter unique challenges in their relationships, leading to feelings of frustration and heartbreak. In fact, up to 80 percent of divorces are initiated by women today.

To address these challenges and to help women create thriving relationships, Splendourr was founded in 2019 by philanthropreneur and transformation specialist Shereen Rowter. The business offers a range of innovative programs including marriage and relationship coaching, leadership development, and self-transformation programs, all designed to help multicultural and ethnic minority women find success and fulfilment in their relationships.

"I started Splendourr because I saw a need for these coaching programs after working with many multicultural women who had misinformed beliefs about marriage and relationships," said Shereen Rowter, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Splendourr, who has over 15 years of experience in the field of coaching and counselling.

Splendourr offers a flagship 30-day relationship challenge online program as well as one-on-one coaching via Zoom. After completing a Splendourr course, clients have reported a newfound appreciation for life, rekindled relationships, and long-lasting results that have transformed their relationships as well as those of their surrounding environments.

Splendourr's online programs are unique and specially tailored towards multicultural women and ethnic minority women. "Splendourr is distinctly different from other coaching and counselling practices in this space, as other services tend to be more therapy based," said Rowter. "Instead of solely focusing on that methodology, our approach is more holistic and combines techniques used in psychotherapy, psychology, neuroscience, and life coaching, resulting in a permanent paradigm shift for our clients.”

To learn more about Splendourr, its signature 30-day relationship challenge program, or to schedule a free 30-minute online discovery call, visit www.splendourr.co.

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